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Zunest is China’s online real estate expert portal offering you the best one-stop solution to start your property search. Whether you are a potential investor, a seller, a buyer for one’s own use, or a tenant, if you have set your eyes on acquiring any real estate assets in Shanghai, then coming to Zunest is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Shanghai is one of the world’s most dynamic property markets. The launch and establishment of is aimed at bringing a dedicated focus to the fast-growing real estate market in Shanghai, China. Finding your dream property in Shanghai had never been easier. Now you do not have to commute long, uncomfortable distances to search for your real estate property. is passionate about simplifying property decisions and, therefore, it offers home seekers, sellers and real estate professionals an extensive online real estate ecosystem.  You get all the information that you need in one place just at your finger’s click.

The website is committed to help you make a wiser property decision by-

  • Recognizing the requirements and concerns of  each of its customers and provide them a common platform for realizing maximum benefits from real-estate
  • Providing a premium real-estate experience by making it easier, faster, secure and more accurate to find buyers for your valuable property and sellers of the dream property that you have been waiting for
  • Giving its customers complete control through easy to use interfaces and features that can help them identify, filter and contact potential buyers and sellers of properties.

Zunest has been designed keeping the user in mind. It is one of the most user-friendly, clean and uncluttered navigable websites.  It does not overloads the users with unnecessary fancy animations, information or drop downs which distracts the customer from their searches. The content is self-explanatory and, the icons and texts are easily readable. You can just put your search criteria such as your preferred district in Shanghai, your budget and the property type you are looking for. You get your customized property list depending on what type of investor you are – a buyer or a tenant. The website also comes with an ‘Advanced Search’ functionality which help you find the information that you need in a much more accurate way and in the least possible time. The search process is, therefore, seamless and you get results instantly.

Most Assorted Apartments Variety in Shanghai

Zunest brings you the most comprehensive selection of assorted variety of apartments across popular areas of Shanghai such as Xujiahui, Jing’an, Huangpu, Changning, Pudong district and many more. Whether you are looking to rent residential or commercial spaces on your own or on shared basis you can get all the listings in Shanghai through Zunest website Ranging from family houses to villas or shared apartments to office spaces, you can make your appropriate real estate investment decisions based on the most up to date posts. All the properties are accompanied by great appealing visuals – high quality photos with full and accurate descriptions give you the complete picture of the property. Zunest even has listings of sublets and Service apartments. provides a unique approach to its users to find out the fresh properties to buy and/or rent and lists their properties for selling and/or subletting. Here you can find the ‘virgin’ properties of Shanghai, China on this portal – the exclusive properties that have not been revealed to the rest of the market yet.

Zunest aims at adding value to each and every property pursuit. If you still have questions about your investments, you can use the FREE assistance and consultation features that the website offers. Refer to the Blogs to read through the views and feedbacks of the fellow investors. Alternatively, you can shoot your queries through the ‘Internal Messaging’ service of the website to communicate with fellow users, or browse through their ‘Agency’ directory to get your questions resolved via specialized agents. Zunest is indeed a global website for real estate. It is presented in 9 different languages: Chinese, English, French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, Russian and Portuguese. With the inbuilt Autotranslate tool that Zunest has, its users can communicate easily with each other without facing any language barriers. Now isn’t that amazing?

Recommended Places According to Choice

There is the next click feature available too. You can view the recommendations of the site based on your search preferences. For instance, if you are looking for 2 bedroom apartments on the Xinzha Road, the website will provide you with more related options (like vicinity areas or similar pricings) under the ‘Similar Listings’ section at the bottom of your search result. Overall, the website serves as an expert friend, which helps the users make sensible and profitable property assessments and decisions. Once the users start using, over a period of time, they will acknowledge it as a much better way to search for and advertise real estate properties, not only in comparison to other online portals, but also when compared to the traditional print classifieds.

Wait, that is not all. With Zunest, while you search for your dream nest you can enjoy ‘nesting’ with people around you.  List your top picks in your private Favorites section and share your experiences and details of your dream house with those you care about most –your husband, wife, sister, best friend or even your lawyer.

All you need to do is to Sign Up with Zunest for free and experience the most hassle free, joyful and lovable home-searches. Get started today!

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