Four Necessities for a Summer Road Trip

It’s almost May across the northern hemisphere. No matter where you are, I hope the birds are chirping and the flowers in are bloom.

As May is about to hit us, I’m sure many of you are thinking about summer holidays. I know my family is.

I find the best summer vacations are those that don’t require too much money or travel and allow you to experience the great outdoors. That’s why road trips tend to be the best.

Especially if you have kids. Having kids and travelling can be a not so relaxing experience. If you are going somewhere by plane, it’s even worse. When travelling by car, you can at least stop and take breaks along the way. On a plane, you don’t have that option.

My wife and I have two kids aged 6 and 9. Our summer vacations are always camping trips a few hours away to the Okanagan region of British Columbia Canada.

If you’re thinking about taking a road trip vacation this summer like my family, here are four necessities you need.

Camper Van

I’m not a huge fan of outdoor camping. Neither is the rest of my family, we’re more glampers than campers!

So we rent a camper van and have it towed by our truck up to the Okanagan. It doesn’t cost that much to rent one of these for a week. Since we only use it for one week a year, we find the best way is to rent. If you want to take more trips, it’s best to invest and buy one.

Trailer Hitch

If you are renting a camper like us, you’ll need to choose from many of the trailer hitches on the market to transport your camper to your desired destination.

Two of the top brands are Thule and Yakima so if you find a store that sells auto racks, be sure to ask for those two round.

Tonneau Cover

A few years ago we went on one of our summer vacations. We picked a bad week as it rained non-stop! We had some luggage and outdoor sports equipment stored in the bed of my pickup truck. But without a tonneau cover, we had no chance to keep that stuff dry.

So when we got back, we made sure to buy one. Now we have no fear if it rains as our luggage will be dry thanks to the tonneau cover.

Portable BBQ

I was on a friends boat last summer and he had a portable BBQ. It was such a great idea I decided to buy one this year for our summer camping trip.

BBQ’s and summer go hand in hand. So it’s best if you can find a portable one and take it on your summer road trip to enjoy all the steak and meat you would normally have at home on a deck.

So there you have it. Four necessities that will allow you to enjoy your summer road trip.

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