Fun Family Activities To Do in Bangkok

Most travelers describe Bangkok as “same same, but different.” This is particularly the result of the exotic collision amongst various regional cultures that gives the sprawling metropolis of Bangkok its distinct personality in the midst of cultural diversities brought about by the influx of many expats from all over the world. What is quite fascinating is that Bangkok after all these years have not changed a bit at all at least when it comes to its rich traditions and of course fun. Interestingly, this provides the right backdrop for an splendid family vacation because fun when fundamentally defined means uninterrupted discovery and sheer pleasures.

splendid family vacation

Whether you have an energy oozing child or the nerdy type, Bangkok has everything for your family. Think about the following fun family activities that you can totally enjoy in Bangkok for your book lover younglings or the more adventurous types. Perhaps you can also engage your inner childhood as you walk with them over the course of the activities on the following list.

Visit the marvelous playground at Imaginia Playland. This is a newly opened children facility at the Emporium Mall at Phrom Phong BTS. What sets this apart from other playground centers in the city is obviously its modern appeal which sparks creativity on children. Admit it or not, would you choose a bland playground over a bigger and more colorful Imaginia Playland? So the answer is quite simple, the impressive activities on this facility can certainly etched the most unforgettable memories to your family. More so this playground fosters learning through play which you can certainly bring home so long as you know what interests your child have such as the art, music, literature, technology and logical thinking.

Imaginia Playland

Water fun is extremely fun for your family so head for the Flow House Bangkok. Even at the heart of the sprawling city of Bangkok there is some place where you can surf, imagine that. Although you may not have the thrill of deep waves and the soothing feel of the natural breezy winds from Thailand’s most popular beaches at the Flow House Bangkok, you get what really matters for surfing fun, there is the awesome artificial waves. This is the perfect spot to cool off after perhaps going through the nooks and crannies of the city looking for exotic souvenirs that you can bring back home. Flow House Bangkok caters to 8 year old children to 48 year old adults.

Perhaps a bigger water park for the family at Siam Park City. Siam Park is an all day activity for the family and believe it or not, this park is not all about dizzying water slides and fascinating kiddie pools. There are also a plenitude of other activities that you can have inside such as a bouncy castle for toddlers and crazy roller coaster rides for juniors and of course an observation deck for family members who cannot make the cut for just another adrenaline pumping ride. What makes this park rather interesting to many families is that it does not make a hole on your pockets. With the available fun rides at the park, you can certainly bring home unforgettable family memories.

And another water paradise at Siam Ocean World. You will be thrilled to know that there is an underwater world 2 floors below the busy Siam Paragon shopping mall which is the fascinating Siam Ocean World. How big you say? Just about the size of three Olympic swimming pools filled with colorful fishes coming from the tropical waters surrounding Thailand and from the oceans across the world. You don’t even need a diver’s permit to see your first manta up close and personal although it is more fun when it is the real thing but hey, this is an easy underwater family fun time. Nonetheless for those that can not resist the thrill of interacting with giant rays and majestic sharks, feel free to swim with the sharks.

How about a mix of shopping and some discovery fun at Children’s Discovery Museum. This facility has seen massive renovations in 2014 resulting to impressive improvements on the various amenities of the museum. This also happens to be a short walk from the city’s popular Chatuchak Weekend Market. So if you crave for an ice cream to beat the summer heat or scratch your shopping spree bug, feel free to do so and somewhere in between let your children be encouraged to learn more about the world that surrounds them. The museum engages the inquisitive aspect of every child through hands on activities such as digging for dinosaur bones in the archeological site.

There is more to Bangkok than meets the eye so have fun!

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