London on a Budget

Get a Great Stay in London on a Budget

Traveling anywhere in the world today can be expensive for just about everyone, but when you are going to a major city the expenses can be even higher. Places like New York City, Paris and London are well-known tourist spots that millions of people come to each year for pleasure and for business. This means that staying in those cities is going to cost you more at restaurants, tourist attractions, car rentals and hotels. Many people, when they start looking initially about traveling to places like London, give up hope right away when they see the hotel prices in some areas of the city. If you are willing to look around, however, you can find budget hotels in the London Victoria area that can help save you a lot of money.

Stay near the Train to Save

If you are really considering places to stay in London then you really want to think about finding hotels that are close to the area of Central London where the big train stations are. Finding a Central London hotel near Victoria Station can help you tremendously because it will allow you to easily walk to the train station so you can take the London Underground anywhere you want to go in the city. This can help to save you time and money and it lets you go into other areas of the city for meetings or to hit your favorite tourist spots like Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Harrods and other great spots easily. You can even go a step better and find budget hotels in Central London that are close to the station such as the Sidney Hotel.

What the Hotel Offers

This particular hotel has a great deal to offer you and you get it all at one of the most affordable rates found in the city. The hotels has recently been refurbished to give the rooms a new look and provide them with all of the modern amenities that you want when you are traveling. You will find that there is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel for your convenience. There is also a business area to give you space to work along with equipment that you can use. Each room features its own in room coffee and tea facilities, LED televisions, comfortable beds with family rooms available that can accommodate up to six people, complimentary toiletries and much more. You will also get a free continental breakfast each morning. The hotel is located right on Belgrave Road with easy access to Victoria Station or to Gatwick Express to catch the train.

You always want to try to find some ways where you can save a little in your budget and you can do just that and still have a great trip into the city when you stay at the Sidney Hotel. Take advantage of one of the best rates you can find at an ideal location in Central London so that you can relax and enjoy yourself in the city.

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