Getting Around Chiang Mai and Transportation Service

Through experiencing the absorption of the ancient times into the current time in Chiang Mai where neighborhoods are very conceited of the city’s seven hundred year history. Chiang Mai wealthy traditional inheritance and at the same time a very unique culture is a great foundation for the enhancement of the city.  In fact, it is one of the few places in Thailand wherein it is probable to look at the heart of the city century’s temples and old chedis which is next to the recent boutique hotels and convenience stores. Chiang Mai is a city that is built on the origin of a traditional inheritance that digs deep hooked on the soil of time. Aside from that, this is also a city that contains wonderful cultural traits of its own.

Where should eat:

There are plenty of places wherein you can eat and get relaxed while you are eating. You may find the American Steak houses, different coffee shops and many other Thai restaurants that is located in this city.

Where should sleep:

If you are thinking to stay in hotel, you can stay to 4 season resort in Chiang Mai,   Shangri-La and many other hotels that will suit to your desire and convenience.

What are the things that you can do?

The city of Chiang Mai is known as the Rose of the North since there is lots of residence that migrated here from Bangkok. While you are on this place, you will surely want to taste the signature dish of Chiang Mai, which is the Khao Soi. Aside from that there are many festivals and events that you will surely enjoy upon you’re staying here. Aside from that, there are also over 300 Buddhist temples that you can find in this place.

Chiang Mai Transportation Service at the Airport

The transportation to and from the airport is accessible using the Chiang Mai Hoad Road and Super highway with a Chiang Mai taxi Service. There are different types of transportation services that were offering for the passengers, that include the car and limousine rental services. The transportation service counters are sited on the first floor international entrance lounge and opposite domestic.

The Airport in Chiang Mai is sited a very short distance from the city center and by that, a tuks-tuks and songteaw are ready accessible to give taxi services outside the terminal building. But, you have to expect that you must pay one hundred twenty baht for a taxi to almost most destinations in the city. Aside from that, most hotels also organize a free transfer to and from the airport. So try to verify with your hotel to view if they give this kind of service.

How you can get around in Chiang Mai?

Once you are already at your hotel and you already like to get around the city, you can take advantage to the different Chiang Mai Services. You can get a Tuktuks which is motorcycle taxi or motorcycle bicycle. And the good thing about this is, you can locate it to the entire city. Or if you want a cheaper one, you can try Songthaaews, this is the same and look like a bus. However, if you want a very convenient trip, you can take advantage to Chiang Mai taxi transportation.  Even if it is more costly compared to other thransportations, but you can guarantee that you will have a very comfortable and enjoyable ride.

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