H1B1 Visa for Singaporean Citizens

What is H1B1 visa for Singaporean citizens and importance?

Among recently introduced visas in recent years, one of the visas is H1BI. H1B1 Singapore as the name implies is specifically for Singaporeans citizen with good knowledge and practical solution in some specific industry. With friendly treaties signed between USA and other countries new doors of employment opportunities and success ways are open for citizens and nationals of these countries as well. Therefore if you are a Singaporean national with expert in some field, you are able to get good job in USA under specialist occupation category.

Once you are in USA, various options are available for applying for green card and enjoying related benefits, therefore visa of USA is taken as success factor in the person life. Another benefit of this visa is that individual resume showing experience and job in the USA region offers more excellent jobs with respectable designation for him. You can make your stay in the USA more brighten with help of your kids, who are also able to come there under the limitations of the visa. It does not allow other family members but your partner and kids are able to come to USA region.

What are the requirements for Singaporean H1B1 quota and eligibility?

H1B1 is very similar to H1B visa therefore they are often taken as 1 visa. H1B1 to green card process can be selected, once you are in USA, by fulfilling other requirements of the visa added here:

  • Your visa is dependent on your skills and knowledge in the respective field like for medicine and biotechnology therefore you are required to be part of some reputable organization with good time period of the job.
  • You must be expert in theoretical and practical knowledge in the occupation which comes under the category of specialist occupation as this visa is available for selected workers who are good in the occupation. You can check the details of the occupation coming under this category, but the fields which require both theoretical and practical working comes under this category.
  • Four years degree in the specific occupation must be acquired by the individual interested in the visa.
  • You visa is for limited time period, therefore you must mention your purpose as getting expert in the job rather than staying for long term in USA.

How you can apply for H1BI visa uscis online and documents required?

You can check out online jobs for the purpose. If you find any job or employment opportunity matching your skills and selected area, you are able to apply for it. Once you are selected for the job by the employee he can contact you online or through some other medium. Once selected the employee is required to fill the form and pay visa application fee.

When applying for the interview, you need a letter from the employee showing you are selected candidate. Your living criteria as well as salary in the letter must be accordingly judged. Some basic as well as professional questions are asked in the interview which can be checked here as well.

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