Having A Destination Wedding In Culebra And Vieques

Many destination weddings in Puerto Rico take place in Culebra and Vieques. Both islands are popular with couples for many reasons. The islands wedding planning services make throwing a destination wedding a lot easier for couples to do. Couples can get assistance with everything from cakes and meals to flowers, to videographers and photographers and anything in between.


Vieques is known as the Caribbean’s most romantic island and has been nicknamed the “Jewel of the Spanish Virgin Islands.” Travel & Leisure Magazine named Vieques the Caribbean’s bestViequespuertoricodestinationweddingphotos island twice over the course of three years. The island can be accessed by couples and their wedding guests via small airplane or ferry. Its 50 miles of beaches are very secluded yet it still has a vibrant nightlife with many restaurants and bars to choose from. The restaurants in Vieques feature fresh seafood and dishes created using locally grown ingredients.

Couples often choose to get married in Vieques because of its bioluminescent bay which is the world’ brightest. Tours of the bay are frequently given and group discounts are offered for couples, their wedding party and their wedding guests. At any time during any tour of the bay passengers are free to jump off the tour boat and swim in the water.


Getting married in Culebra requires some extra work due to the fact that items for a wedding must often be brought in from Vieques, or a main island. According to, couples and their guests can enter Culebra by flying or taking the ferry. Though in the past, a ferry transported people between Culebra and Vieques these ferry rides are no longer offered. Culebra is conveniently located mere miles from Puerto Rico’s East Coast. Couples often choose to get married at the Club Seaborne Hotel Culebra. As the island’s sole boutique hotel it has become a popular venue for destination weddings in Puerto Rico. From Club Seaborne couples and their guests have an excellent view of Fulladoza Bay. Though it is a small resort, it is known for catering to its guests and is one of the few resorts that are not overly crowded with tourists. With clear water and clean sprawling beaches couples find it the perfect venue for an outdoor wedding. There are both land and water activities that couples and their guests can appreciate. The hotel is known for its casual dining and relaxed atmosphere making it a great place for couples to enjoy some rest and relaxation either before or after their wedding.

Regardless of which island a couple chooses to have their wedding destination at, Puerto Rico proves time and time again to be an excellent choice. Weddings of all sizes and styles can be accommodated and couples will find that they and their guests always have access to exciting activities and views that are simply breathtaking. A Puerto Rico wedding has a feel to it that other weddings rarely ever achieve, making the islands an ideal location for couples.

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