Historical Attractions

Historical Attractions Not To Miss in the US

The historical sites of United States not to miss range from international treasures such as United Nations Headquarters complex to the lesser known Chrysler building. You may get a history lesson along with sightseeing by visiting the top historical attractions which are mainly found in the New York City. Herein are some of the top attractions one should never miss as an inhabitant or a visitor to US.


– This is an institution which has been in existence for the last 79 years. The Harlem institution has been a site for more than few historical moments.

– The first performance of Fitzgerald occurred here back in 1934. The young Hendrix Jimi managed to win the Amateur night contest in 1962 at this venue.

– As of late, the site has attracted a large number of comedians such as Ansari Aziz and Jim Gaffing. It has as well attracted huge rock stars such as Bruce SPRINGSTEEN.

– The place feels rather cozy inside and it possess a storied history. The Harlem Renaissance also has a wonderful and attractive grant decor.


– This is a span which is an elegant reminder of US history on architectural innovation and designs. No mere river crossing takes place here. It was a powerful feat of engineering when it opened in 1883.

– This is the first structure in history to cross the east river of US. Historically, it is a longest bridge on suspension in the universe.

– The tourist from other nations and the locals of this place always enjoy the spectacular view designed by John Roebling in Manhattan as they stroll on a more than mile long expanses.


– Nothing will offer thrilling jolt of Brooklyn Nostalgia quite as the cyclone ride. This roller coaster is dating back to 1927 a year when the island was a booming seaside resort in US.

– On a lovely fresh summer day, the right thing to do here is to ride the cyclone. One can also grab a beer and a hot dog inside the Nathan Famous.


– If you can try imagining a skyline without the towering spire for the empire state building then you are strong enough. Actually it is impossible to imagine this.

– Upon its completion in 1931, it remained the highest building in New York.

– During your visit, please pay much attention to the lobby which was restored in 2009 to her original Deco design. As well, you can impress your friends or family members with tidbits while you will be queuing for the available decks. This place though sometimes experience heavy fog which was last seen in 1945.

The above are just but few historical attractions which are found in United States of America. Among others not detailed in the above are;

– The cloisters.
– The flatiron building
– Corona Park.
– The greenwood cemetery
– Intrepid Sea, space and air museum.
– New York public library
– Transit museum
– New York City music hall
– St Patrick Cathedral
– Statue of Liberty

this gives us the evidence that US is the home of plenty historical landmarks as well as links. You will enjoy the old buildings, vintage backs and noteworthy architecture among many other historical sites. What you need to do before taking a visit to any of this historic points is to ensure you have an ESTA card and your geographical mobility will not be hindered while in United States. Having Esta card proves to be quite effective and beneficial for visitors when comes to travelling purpose in new destinations.

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