Hop off to Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is the third’s largest island in Australia next to Tasmania and Melville Island. Kangaroo Island is a place for wildlife. You will never want to leave once you step on Kangaroo Island because of its astonishing beauty. Attractions in Kangaroo Island.

Vivonne Bay – A very beautiful bay and was voted as no. 1 beach in Australia. It has beautiful surroundings and their facilities and staffs are great. It is very clean and the beach is properly maintained, that can be seen through its natural beauty.

Flinders Chase – A national park that features diverse wildlife. It is one of the top destinations in Kangaroo Island. It is a very peaceful place compared to a usual urban environment. It has beautiful views and you will have your best experience when you go here.

Penne Shaw – A small country in Kangaroo Island that features Folk Museum, Maritime and evening tours for Little Penguin. Little Penguins are the smallest penguins. Penne Shaw is located above ferry terminal which is good.*Emu Bay – A place in Kangaroo Island that features a long and sandy beach. This place is really good and the size of the property is really huge. This place is highly recommended*Hanson Bay – A wildlife sanctuary that offers to enjoy the natural environment of Kangaroo Island. It has incredible views and has a cool cabin. The view from the cabin is very good and impressive. It also has a quiet beach with white sand.


There are a lot of accommodations in Kangaroo Island that you would absolutely love. Staffs and services are great and you will never have regrets about it. Accommodations in Kangaroo Island*Southern Ocean Lodge- A perfect sanctuary to stay in Kangaroo Island. The atmosphere is very calm and welcoming. The staffs are great and your stay here will be surely memorable.

Baudin Budget– It offers an affordable accommodation in Kangaroo Island. You can choose to stay to units or cottages. This is definitely a great place to stay in Kangaroo Island*Kangaroo Island Acacia Apartments – This is a great family accommodation and you will be very pleased with the apartment. Staffs are helpful and thoughtful. It is very clean and it has plenty of rooms here. You can also view attractive gardens from the apartment.

Mercure Kangaroo Island Lodge– A very pleasant place to stay and is definitely a wonderful place. Staffs are very friendly and the rooms are very nice and modern. The foods are good and there are excellent views from the room.

Aurora Ozone Hotel– Another great place to stay in Kangaroo Island. Rooms are huge, with comfortable beds and big bathroom. This place is very silent which a good thing is because you can rest peacefully here.

Kangaroo Island Seafront– This place is located just right above the ferry terminal and the rooms are very modern. The hotel is very nice and rooms are comfortable. The staffs are also friendly.
Kangaroo Island is really a great tourist spot and I would definitely recommend this island. It is very perfect for tourists and your travel will surely be exceptional and memorable. Australian ETA visa is an best visa service provider to plan an vacations to Australia.

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