How You Can Benefit from Furnished Suites in Toronto

Contrary to popular opinion, furnished apartments aren’t your standard hotel arrangement. In fact, they offer much more than you may have in mind. The next time you’re scheduled to take an extended business trip and your boss suggests booking traditional hotel accommodations, inquire as to whether your company will cover the cost of a furnished apartment. In what follows, we detail four ways you can benefit from furnished apartments in Toronto. In turn, we hope to shed light on this ideal short- and long-term accommodation type.

1. Refrigerator in the apartment

Whether you plan on cooking during your stay or not, an apartment refrigerator allows you to always have food within easy reach. One benefit is that a refrigerator encourages healthy eating since you can cook your own meals. Moreover, keeping groceries at your place is more cost-efficient than spending money on expensive meals. You can benefit from our grocery service, which provides you with groceries stocked up in your fridge in time for your arrival. If you’d like to purchase your own food, there are many grocery stores nearby to the properties.

2. Minimal housekeeping

There is no doubt that a clean living space leads to increased contentment and a more productive day. In comparison to other furnished suite providers who perform housekeeping once every 2 weeks, Mary-am Suites provides weekly housekeeping. Given that Mary-am Suites are quite spacious, we understand that you may have a lot of belongings to spread around. Thus, routine housekeeping ensures that your place is always tidy and spotless.

3. Chance to do your laundry more frequently

The benefits keep on coming! Traditional hotels have laundry services but this can get costly and you will need to have coins handy. Instead, many furnished apartments include a mini washer and dryer. This allows you to wash your clothes anytime you’d like for free (all you will need to supply is the detergent).

4. Enjoy building amenities

Luxury at your fingertips with countless amenities. The building may include hotel-like amenities such as a fitness facility and swimming pool – can it get any better? This accommodates those individuals that don’t want to travel far from the building for leisure activities. Further, these amenities are ideal for those traveling with other family members that want convenient leisure options.

Experience these many benefits for yourself during your next stay in Toronto at one of Mary-am Suites furnished apartments .

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