Suburbs Of Istanbul

Increased Interest In Up And Coming Suburbs Of Istanbul

Gulf investors are now looking at new areas in which they can invest and two new and exciting areas situated in the European side of Istanbul where investors are now purchasing second homes. Investors from areas such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are showing an increased interest in high end apartments in Bahcesehir and Belikduzu as they look for property that offers convenience and modern living in an area that is growing in popularity.

These properties are either purchased as an investment or as a second home, but either way both the areas are fashionable and frequently visited by wealthy Turkish people.  Both these areas are benefitting from an increase in construction that seems to have swept through Istanbul. These developments offer luxury with a huge selection of properties available off plan or newly built. Situated in gated complexes with shared facilities and extremely reasonable prices that range from $100,000 to $200,000 and it is these particulars that make these properties excellent purchases for those investors from the Gulf regions.

Within the districts of Belikduzu and Bahcesehir those people who are keen on shopping will be spoilt for choice, especially in Belikduzu which has highest number of shopping malls throughout the whole of Istanbul. In this area the main malls are the Surmen Centre, Beylicium Shopping Centre, the Migros Shopping Centre and Marka City. Bahcesehir also has lots to offer with the Akbati shopping centre, Prestige mall and the Akkoza Mall.

The Bahcesehir district is bathed in stunning green areas and natural beauty and it certainly lives up to its name of ‘Garden City’. A manmade lake sits at the heart of the district and rest of the district sweeps around it along with parkland that includes plenty of leisure facilities such as golf and horse riding as well as a waterpark.

There is never a shortage of demand for rental properties in this area and this also includes the campuses of a number of Universities. The hospitals Kolan and Medicana are situated in Belikduzu and many of the staff that work there require a place to live that is conveniently located to their place of work. This district is also the location of the Tuyap Exhibition Centre which is the largest in Turkey which attracts many visitors each and every year.

Both districts are also served by superb transport connections that consist of good motorway links and reliable bus and train routes that bring the business districts and cultural districts even closer together. There is also the main airport in Istanbul that makes getting to and from the area very easy for those travelling from the Middle east.

With plans in place to improve the transport links within Istanbul, there is no doubt that both districts will benefit immensely. A new bridge that will be placed over the Bosphorus that will support rail and road as well as the Istanbul canal that will bring together the Black Sea of Marmara and the third airport in Istanbul will all make the area more accessible than it ever has been.

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