Jupiter Is A Top Golf Destination

There is a reason why the greatest golfer ever to play the game built his home golf club, The Bears Club in Jupiter Florida. Many other of golfs best players call Jupiter home as well. Rickie Fowler, Tiger Woods, Luke Donald and Michelle Wie just to name a few. The reason why they are there?

The weather. It’s outstanding all year round and the activities to do while in Jupiter can keep anyone busy.

One of those activities happens to be golf. Jupiter is home to some of the United States best golf courses. You can choose from some higher end private clubs but there are also many nice public golf courses you can play on your own holiday.

I went there a couple of years ago to catch up with a friend who sells real estate in Jupiter and we played a few rounds along with watched the Honda Classic which is a PGA Tour event. Tiger Woods won it a few years ago and so did Rory McIlroy.

Watching the Honda Classic was great but I really was there for the golf. We played our first round at PGA National where they hold the Honda Classic. This was three days after the event and it was awesome to play the course only a few days after the world’s best had played it. Talk about a humbling experience!

The last three holes there are called the Bear Trap because they are so hard. Water surrounds all of the holes so navigating them is difficult.

My real estate agent friend isn’t a great golfer and after the beating he took playing PGA National, he suggested we play a short course called Jupiter Dunes. It was short but still a challenge for both of us. You can’t beat the rates either. I think I paid $23 for my round. Pretty good. Especially compared to PGA National, which was $230!

Our next round was at the Abacoa Golf Club. This was a middle of the pack course in relation to rates and difficulty compared to the other two we played. It gave us a nice middle ground to round out our three rounds of golf.

Now not only was the golf good but so was the food. During most golf vacations you only really have time to play golf and eat. So looking for a destination that has both is a must. That’s why I choose to head to Jupiter for this golf vacation.

Like our golf courses, we had four great meals and very different restaurants. I like variety in all areas of life. And Jupiter Florida provides that. It’s not a place for retired snowbirds to head. It’s a place you should enjoy your next golf vacation at. You might even want to purchase a home for sale in the Abacoa area after playing and visiting. But you should be cautioned that homes are expensive in Jupiter and the surrounding areas. No matter what, it’s still a great golf vacation spot during the winter.

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