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America is dotted with tourist attractions. Some of these are natural while others are manmade. Amongst the many human made marvels is the Washington Monument.

Washington Monument  

Welcoming the tourists on National Mall in Washington is a 555 feet tall structure, called the Washington Monument. Its obelisk shape makes it different from the routine landmark buildings. Spread over an area of over hundred acres it is currently managed by the National Park Service.

Interestingly it was built to remember George Washington who is also referred to as the father of his country. It is noteworthy that he rose from being the commander-in-chief in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. This political, military and social leader was active from 1775 to 1798.

It took over a hundred years to conceive and construct the structure. So much so that even though it was to honour the first President of America by the time it completed the 21st President was there in office.  No doubt the political turmoil and issues with funds delayed it. In the year 1833 the Washington National Monument Society was formed to decide how George Washington could be commemorated. This group decided to launch a contest for designing the same and an architect Robert Mill was the winner. This monument is made up of granite, marble and gneiss. The difference in the colour of marble indicates when the construction was halted. The base of the monument is some 55 feet wide and the thickness is around 15 feet. The elevator that takes the visitors atop the monument even today was added in 1889. At 500 feet the views of the city are stunning to say the least. At the 490 feet height is the museum.

Till date this building remains the tallest in Washington, D.C. interestingly this is owing to the fact that legally no new construction is allowed to be so in the entire District of Columbia. AS regards the world record – it is the tallest free standing structure in stone as others are either on another shape or have something more than just stone. In the past 125 years millions have visited it i.e. ever since it opened to public on 9th of October in the year 1988. It made it to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in October of 1966.

No fee applies for visiting this landmark. Tickets are needed for visiting its interiors.  Those uneasy with heights or confined spaces should avoid going atop the monument. It can be visited during the day between 09:00 a.m. and 05:00 p.m. interestingly there is another Washington monument in Boonsboro, Maryland and yet another in Baltimore.

Millions visit these recognizable structures of America every year. This particular iconic landmark building has reopened after repairs of damage due to earthquake and hurricane. Domestic and international travellers visit these places in America. Though many foreign tourists need to apply for tourist’s visa, those from certain countries have their visa requirements waived off and must Apply ESTA.

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