Living the Dream with the Live Aboard Boat Community

What is life? Is it all about chasing your dream till the death or living every moment that you live? The same question might have wondered everyone when they wanted to live on boats. For instance, when your share your dream about living aboard then the first expected reaction that you would receive is- “Are you crazy”? Sounds familiar right! Though this happens with the majority, yet the adventure, beauty and peace of living on a boat is something that words fail to express.

Living on A Boat Is A Dream Come True!

Maybe there was a time when you started your boating journey with a small BBQ party at the weekends, and then watched movie sailing with your family and friends, or just left the pain and miseries of the world and lost in the deep blue ocean. This somehow got you addicted to the endless ocean and thus you decided to take a long break, with a voice inside your head telling –“I can live on this boat forever!”

It’s often seen that men are the ones who get enthralled by this irresistible urge to leave the worries of the world and just get lost in nature. However, there are many women too who love to company them on this ultimate trip of adventure. And when it comes to surviving the concept of living aboard on the boat all by themselves then undoubtedly men outnumber women, yet there are a few ladies who hold both the courage and the passion to escape into the beauty of nature by living on a boat all by themselves.

Why Does Living On A Boat Sounds Impossible To Many?

The truth is anyone would love to quit their job and just sail off into the clam and relaxing sunset. People might just sail to the amazing Gulf of Islands during winter or just grab their peace of mind at the Bahamas, it does sound fascinating.  So, what is that thought that stops them or those factors that make it impossible for them? Some would say that they don’t have the passion or the enthusiasm for such adventurous trip but the truth lies way beyond.

First thought that makes it impossible is that one might has to leave everything when living on boat. This is an absolute misconception, living aboard is just like any other adventure trip that you would go for on your vacation, cherish and then come back to your daily life activities. The second thought deals with expenses- living aboard are way too expensive! Not at all, living aboard is quite affordable only when you run with a well planned budget and pick only the essential products for your trip.

Thus, the reality says it all, to live aboard boat is can be a dream that everyone can bestow, and yes there is a boat that will suit the budget and dream of every enthusiast. So, pack your bags and unleash the one of a kind adventurous experience only by living aboard on boats. Visit:

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