Make the Most of 3 Days in Williamsburg

A popular destination for vacationers looking to get in touch with some serious history is Williamsburg, Virginia. Getting the most out of a long weekend or extended holiday to the city is actually a fairly simple task. Williamsburg hotels are eager to accommodate just about any budget with several entries into the economy class. Of course, there are plenty of great properties to choose from eager to meet the demands of any traveler. The Westgate Historic Williamsburg offers plenty of amenities and a location that easily meets the needs of any party looking to pack a number of activities into the trip. Location, time of year, and research are keys to making memories when escaping to Williamsburg.


Location is important to any vacationer, but the concept is applied firmly in Williamsburg. Travelers that select lodging options within walking distance of attractions have a much easier time getting around. There is ample parking at several locations for those staying on the outskirts of the city as well. Being able to shuttle to and from attractions, landmarks, and sites without having to rely or wait on constant transportation is a major asset for travelers packing activity into the visit. Plus, tourists booking close to the visitor areas can always take a break and head back to the hotel pool for a quick break, which can be a real treat during hot weather months.

Time of Year

Williamsburg is a popular destination throughout the year, but planning a visit during one of the major holidays can result in long waits at restaurants and large crowds at other attractions. In addition, weekends tend to be busier as well. Therefore, visitors looking to make every moment count should plan their trip during the weekdays and away from big holiday festivals to eliminate waits and keep the crowds small. Not only will actually seeing the site be much easier, but even just traveling around is simplified thanks to the lack of vacationers.


Perhaps the easiest way to assure a successful trip to any destination is to perform a fair bit of research before heading out. Making reservations, picking attractions, and double checking time schedules can result in an effective itinerary. That being said, keeping some space to allow for side trips or extra time at any of the exhibits in Williamsburg is almost always a good idea. The entire historic section is constantly bustling with activity, which can distract even the most schedule-minded individual or family. However, using the internet and online travel guides to discover what possibilities are located in the area is always a good idea to make effective use of time.

In the end, planning a getaway to Williamsburg is a great idea. The charm and allure of the historic area have a way of capturing the attention of everyone in the party regardless of age. While some interest in history helps everyone enjoy the excursion, the trip does not have be completely educational. The area offers a number of activities and attractions that can stoke the fires of imagination. Perhaps the most difficult decision facing visitors that opt to visit the area is when to plan the next vacation. The area has a way of keeping the interest of travelers for years.

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