Miami Beach

Miami Beach Is the Top Destination Two Years Running

Miami and luxury have become synonyms.  When people travel to Miami, they automatically expect top service, top restaurants, top beaches and accommodations as well as vibrant night life.  This is why Miami Beach is the top destination for two straight years now.

It’s not surprising that when people think of luxury, they automatically think of Miami, a city that offers it all. Whether you visit Miami as a tourist or make purchase your home in Miami (See Miami homes website here), or even passing by Miami on the way to Caribbean, you can’t help but to fall in love with this city.

Christie’s International had put the city on their list of the top ten luxury property destinations for second year in a row. Other cities that made the same list include Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, and Hong Kong.  This is an indicator that Miami is now a world class destination and the popularity keeps rising.

Other things that make Miami so popular is the new real estate development which is still relatively affordable, even for luxury accommodations. Those who choose to buy in the area tend to get far more return on their investment than in a city such as New York or London or even San Francisco, for example. Let’s take a look at some numbers for comparison. In 2014, the average price per square foot for a luxury home in Miami (click here to see list of Miami luxury homes for sale) was $559. During that same year, the price per square foot of a comparable home in San Francisco was $829, and in London it was an astounding $4,683.

It turns out that luxury is about much more than just the price, but for that you really need to see what Miami has to offer these days.

The location – you are right on the water, or very near water, because it’s never more than a few minutes away no matter where you are in Miami. There are always a host of attractions and things to do, and even the Keys and Bahamas if you might want to take a quick weekend jaunt. Luxury is about living the good life, and that’s easy to do with such a great locale.

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