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Nicole’s Table offers a “Caribbean twist” from the home of Nicole Arthurton in Cedar Valley, Antigua. We invite you to come to our home to learn how to cook like a West Indian and enjoy a wonderful meal with new friends.

Nicole, your teacher and hostess, likes to use fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs to ensure her creations are always delicious and healthy. Ingredients can vary class to class… depending on the season and what the market has to offer… so each class always has its own flair.


The view of the Caribbean Sea from our veranda is spectacular, the breeze refreshing, the food tantalizing and the hostess knowledgeable and entertaining… All combining to create a unique and enriching experience.



The history of curry in the West Indies is as much a British as it is an East to West Indian story. The word curry is probably an Anglicized version of the Tamil word kari, means “spiced sauce.” Curry became popular with the British in the seventeen hundreds when they colonized Southern India. Thus, as Indians migrated throughout the British Empire, their spices traveled with them…

Different islands have their own variations on the theme… whether it be curried goat, chicken, pumpkin, seafood, or beef that is the favored food. One thing that is constant are the foods that accompany a curry meal. It is hard to find a West Indian who does not eat her curry with roti (also known in some places as bussup shut) or rice… most often both at the same time. Either way, seldom does the curry lack spicy flavor and life.

In Coordinating Curries, Nicole explores all the many faces of curry while she creates a meal that fuses a little of the old styles with some newer Western flavors. Visitors will learn about the history of curry, its health value, and short cuts that can be used to create various curry based meals. The goal will be to make it easy for visitors to go home and cook the same meals whenever they wish. All meals are made with as much local foods as possible so the ingredients may vary from class to class depending upon availability and seasons.

The dessert and the beverages are selected to compliment the meal and maintain a Caribbean flair. You can be sure this means that you will find rum playfully adding its own flavor along with various local fruits and the age old staple… chocolate… Mmmm!! This is one good Caribbean cooking class.


Cocktails :
Beer, Wine, and Nicole’s Old Fashioned Rum Punch.

Appetizer :
Phulourie or Antiguan Pumpkin Soup.

Main Course :
Curried chicken, pumpkin, chickpeas. Sides of rice, vegetables, roti, and Nicole’s crunchy rainbow salad.

Dessert :
Coconut cake with a passion fruit sorbet.


$100 USD per person


3 to 4 hour


√ Includes the menu, recipes, the experience of preparing and cooking the recipes hands-on (or not), a relaxing afternoon with good people, some fantastic “Old Fashioned” rum punch, a little wine, juice, water, and a wonderful view of the Caribbean Sea when you sit down to eat your creation.


X Bad attitude and no cheer.


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