Park City Time Machine: Historic Tours to the Past

I learn from history.  And, when in Park City, Utah, I’m entertained by it too.  Aside from skiing, biking, and hiking, I try to outdo my wife when it comes to trivia.  The following destinations and museums provide entertainment, light exercise, and regarding my wife and I, some added competition.

Alf Angen Ski Museum

I was taken back to the 2002 Olympic Games, which took place at Olympic Park in Utah.  Moreover, I knew more about the history of skiing and its development in the West than my dear wife.

George Eccles 2002 Winter Games Museum

I went through both ski museums free of admission and focused more on the Eccles Museum’s interactive exhibits packed with tons of information about Utah’s love of the sport.  Of course, you can’t get away from the slopes when in Utah, not even when walking through a museum.  This one has a virtual reality theatre!

Ghost Tours

I have a love for horror stories and suspense.  So, I’m a sucker for haunted hayrides, tours, and spooky ambiance.  This seventy-five minute tour included original stories told by a local historian and teacher based on years of research and haunted buildings arranged throughout Main Street.

Park City Museum

Most of my friends back home ask about skiing when hearing about my trips to Park City.  They’re all skiers, so I understand their enthusiasm, yet I attempt to educate them on the area’s heritage that includes mining along with skiing.  I’m becoming a seasoned skier of Park City as well as an area historian.

Food Tours

I love to eat and I’m not picky about preparation, ingredients, or associated culture.  If it tastes good, I want to try it.  And, if it comes with cheese all the better!  I perused the foodie website to find out when tours are available and what locations participate.

Wine Tours

I don’t like to drink but my wife loves to test her ability to assess the subtle differences in bouquets and vineyard location.  The area’s history and celebration of wine and spirits created regular tours.  I prefer apple juice to wine but my wife goes with girlfriends to sample gourmet wines, craft beers, and a large variety of local to international spirits.

Western Shopping

I’m not sure if ‘western shopping’ is even a point of historical interest, but somehow my wife gets me to take a walk downtown from our Park City, Utah lodging and shop.  To her defense, you can’t find handmade furniture, books, and clothes with such local flair in Northeast suburban malls.  The range of antiques and unique methods of local craftspeople inspire discussion and added knowledge about Park City’s history.

Film History and Future

I learned a lot about the history of independent film at the Sundance Institute, but the organization’s goals include inspiring, funding, and marketing the future’s filmmakers.  With YouTube, Netflix, and a flurry of entrepreneurial spirit born out of the millennial generation, the institute keeps on the pulse of today’s emerging youth and fuels an industry with an equally interesting past and future.

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