Passport Premiere Detects Business Class “FLASH CRASH”

Passport Premiere, the international business class advisory & fare monitoring service, detected a business class “flash crash” with One World carriers. During this event, business class fares plummeted to multi-year lows in a matter of minutes. On September 8th, 2015 business class fares between several U.S. cites & Europe fell to just $717 round trip + taxes For example, at 4:30 P.M. eastern time business class fares between Los Angeles & London for travel any time in 2016 started at $2,803 + taxes. One hour later, business class fares had fallen to just $717 round trip.

For 10 hours, business class fares between most U.S. cities and Athens, London, Geneva, Milan, Paris, Rome or Zurich were selling for no more than $908 + taxes. The ‘$908’ fare may be symbolic of its September 8th release date (i.e. 9/8/2015). Deep discounts were available on flights operated by American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia & USAirways. Travel was permitted any time after October 1st, 2015 through 2016. Fares were even REFUNDABLE less a $500 penalty.

Savvy travelers using Passport Premiere’s FARE MONITOR service were able to capture this business class buying event before normalized fares were restored at approximately 2:00 A.M. on September 9th, 2015. Business class fare crashes have dominated international premium cabin travel in 2015. In March, American slashed business fares between Washington & Beijing from $5,430 to just $40. In April, business class fares between New York & Paris fell from $5,600 to $474 overnight. A shortage of buyers willing to pay inflated fare levels continues to cause fare corrections to destinations worldwide.

A quick search on, the international business class wholesaler, revealed a sharp rise in business class fares between the U.S. & Europe. Once the $717 business class fares were removed to Europe on September 9th, the lowest fares once again started at $2,803 between Los Angeles and London .When business class fares fall 90%, it’s not uncommon for fares to spike higher than they were before the fare crash. Business class fares between Europe and the U.S. have also been on the rise since the most recent fare crash.

Passport Premiere helps premium class travelers CONFIRM the fair market value of an airline seat BEFORE they purchase. Premiere members using FARE MONTOR captured that $717 business class fare to London and $908 to Milan with American Airlines! If you’re interested in achieving maximum value on your next international trip, go to for additional information or to subscribe.

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