Phi Phi Island Travel Guide

Ko Phi Phi is a picturesque paradise in the Krabi province of Thailand. With an exotic aquatic ecosystem, Phi Phi is a perfect tropical island retreat witha number of beautiful beaches. The lush green tropical fauna and emerald water of Arabian Sea further enhances the beauty and popularity of the Phi Phi Islands. The islandshave a wide range of accommodation options and outdoor activities.To enjoy the scenic beauty of the Phi Phiarchipilago, the tourists often chose to travel by Phiphi Ferry services which can vary depending on the route chosen. Here, is a brief guide about the Phiphi Ferry routes and services.

  • From Phuket

Phuket, which is also a popular tourist destination has an international airport which makes it a most popular connecting point to the islands. The airport is just one hour drive from the ferry terminal which offers Phuket Ferry services for Phi Phi. The usual schedule times for Phuket Ferry services to Phi Phi Islands are 8:30 am to 10:00 am, 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm, and 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. During the peak season, owing to favorable location the ferry services are often in high demand, so it is advisable to arrive well in advance. As such the advance booking is not needed, but could be beneficial from financial point of view as most Phuket Ferry companies offer attractive deals for advance booking. You can also go for popular Phi Phispeedboat day trip which takes you on an exhilarating tour of four islands with sightseeing stops of beautiful bays and beaches such as Monkey Beach and Laem Thong on Koh Phi Phi Don, andLohSama Bay and Viking Cave on Koh Phi PhiLeh.

  • From Krabi town

Krabi is another tourist hotspot in Thailand. It is well connected with other tourist destinations such as Phuket, Kao Sok National Park and Bangkok with an excellent bus service. Those who are looking to take a Phiphi Ferry from Krabi will have to travel to KlongJilard Pier which is 8 km outside town.However, if you have booked in advance, then majority of Phi Phi Island Ferry operators will offer a free pick up service from your hotel.The Phi Phi Island Ferry services are available for four daily schedule and the cost 400 baht per adult and 350 per child.Generally, Phi Phi Island Ferry tours from Krabi take around 90 minutes to reach destination.

  • From KohLanta

Another popular route is to take a KohLanta Ferry from Krabi and then after a one-day stay, take a KohLanta Ferry for Phi Phi islands.KohLanta is a favorite among nature and environment enthusiasts. The guided tour of famous Lanta Animal Welfare is much loved by the tourists. The visitors can enjoy activities such as dog walking and cuddling friendly cats. Also, water sport enthusiasts can enjoy snorkeling and diving at KoRokNok which is popular for colored reefs and pristine beaches. However, keep in mind that the KohLanta Ferry services for Phi Phi are less frequent and are available for just two schedules daily – 8:00 and 13:00.

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