Places That You Definitely Should Visit When You Travel To La Bella Italia!

Who doesn’t want to travel all around the world and meet different cultures and people all the time?

I guess we all do. Why? The reason is simply, it makes us grow as persons and it expand our view about the world.

If you are lover of traveling (and deep inside everyone is) then please be honest and admit it, you are DYING to visit the amazingly beautiful Italy!

It is not a secret that Italy has so much to offer, but in some cases we are not able to visit all what a country offers, right? I mean is way too much and we do not have enough money or time, so here is some help when it comes what places you definitely should visit when you travel to Bella Italia:

  1. If you are some fashion fanatic then you must be dreaming to visit the amazing Milan, right? The home of the world’s most famous fashion designers like Armani, Versace, Gucci etc. Milan additionally draws in numerous visitors because it is also a world heritage site. This city is home to some very well known pieces of art like Leonardo da Vinci’s depiction of The Last Supper and buildings like the La Scala Opera House or the Castello Sforzesco or the world’s biggest Gothic church.
  1. Another destination that shouldn’t be left out when you visit Italy is Pompeii. Pompeii is a popular Roman city which was covered under a few feet of volcanic ash for about 1,700 years after the destructive eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The site is situated close to the current city of Naples. A voyage through Pompeii offers intriguing insights into the regular life of the antiquated Roman world. Guests can stroll along the old lanes to see the remaining parts of pastry shops, massage parlors and showers.
  1. For hopelessly romantic people, Venice is the place they have dreamed about their whole life. Venice is a one of a kind city because it is partially built on water encompassed by the Adriatic Sea. Situated in northeastern Italy, Venice is an archipelago of 117 islands all connected by several dozens of canals and beautiful bridges. Among the water ways, the Grand Canal is the most well-known and partitions the city into two bigger segments. Famous events like the Carnival and memorable buildings make Venice standout amongst the most sentimental urban areas on the planet.
  1. And last, but not least the big Rome – the capital of Italy since the beginning of the Roman Empire! Rome today is the seat of the administration and capital city of Italy. Situated in the nation’s focal area of Lazio, Rome is an immense and complex city that feels both ancient and modern at the same time. Best known for its old Roman structures and the Vatican City, Rome has existed for over 2,500 years as a strong influencer of modern western society and religion. As a tip for photographers the colosseum in Rome is huge and most standard camera lenses won’t be able to capture the whole panorama but fortunately there are websites which do a lens hire service which allow you to get the right lens for every shot without the need to buy it.

We hope this was helpful for you, but remember that there are many other places that you should definitely see when you go to Italy!

At the end, don’t forget fun, take pictures and ´take many wonderful memories with you!

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