Russian Architecture: When Architecture Was Truly Art

Throughout Europe and Asia you can see that their long history is reflected on their buildings through the design and architecture of them. Buildings are one way that history preserves itself for centuries afterward. While traveling through Moscow, particularly in Kremlin, you’ll notice some of the most unique architecture that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. With its own flares, colors, shapes and details; historic Russian architecture is one-of-a-kind.

Religious Architecture

For many centuries, as churches were built throughout Russia, they were the only buildings that were made of stone.

“Since Russian church design started as early as the 11th-century, history has made its mark on these elaborately decorated buildings,” said Denise Raeker, owner of a remodeling company. “Due to the building of these important buildings with stone instead of wood, these are essentially the only structures left from its early history.”

Architecture as Art

One of the most iconic views in all of Russia is in Moscow, the capital city. It’s the view of the Red square featuring the Intercession Cathedral and the Savior tower. With it’s multi-faceted towers and brilliant colors. The various colors on the building come from the inlaid tiles and bricks that make up the unique design. “Just one look at these buildings and you know that the creator was more than just an architect, but an artist,” said roofing company spokesperson, Jessica Tesdall. “He saw this as a blank canvas to make something so inspiring and fascinating, that it would even impress viewers for centuries to come. It would be hard to find another building in the world with as many colors, patterns and shapes that flow as beautifully together as this one.”

The Red Square may not be a very large area, but it represents massive wealth, and great power. The domes on the Intercession Cathedral, with their intricate details speak to the world that this was/is no ordinary building. It sings of greatness, beauty, riches, splendor, power and prestige as it was built in memory of all the lives that were lost in the battle to free Russian land from foreign ownership.

The Clock Tower

Now the symbol of Moscow, the Savior Tower sits next to the Intercession Cathedral, but it has bragging rights of it’s own. This 230 foot high clock tower was built back in 1658, designed to be the entrance to the city. This red and white tower look much more simple compared to its neighbor, the Intercession Cathedral, but it is a true symbol of strength for the city.

“In the middle of Moscow you will find the Kremlin and the famous Red Square view. Within this part of the city are some of the oldest and most historical works of art in all of Russia. The architecture and details of these memorials are so uniquely fascinating; you won’t have any other building to compare them to the world.

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