Seafood Culinary Traveling in Jakarta? Bandar Djakarta Is the Answer

If Jakarta is a place you want to visit and seafood is something you love, visiting a restaurant you can get a Jakarta-like atmosphere and the seafood you love is something you have to do. There are many seafood restaurants in Jakarta but there’s one you definitely need to consider visiting. The reason is simply because it offers more than seafood menus. Called Bandar Djakarta, this restaurant is one you absolutely need to consider visiting if enjoying seafood in Jakarta is something you always wanted to do.

Bandar Djakarta and What Makes the Seafood Restaurant Interesting

What makes Bandar Djakarta interesting includes many things including a fact that the restaurant uses a concept of having a personal fish market. The fish market this restaurant has provides visitors with various fresh seafood menus. The seafood menus you can order in this restaurant are fresh menus. Aside from offering fresh seafood menus, this restaurant also offers a beautiful view to each visitor. A comfortable place to dine at is also offered to the people visiting this restaurant. The restaurant itself is on the edge of Jakarta Bay and in this restaurant, you can enjoy a view of the bay while savoring the foods you order.

Bandar Djakarta

If you like having meals at a beach, you can also sit on the restaurant’s areas at the beach while enjoying the seafood you order. Of course, you can simply choose to eat indoor, too. One of the things making this restaurant special is a fact that when visiting the restaurant, it will feel as if you are in the middle of a shopping centre in the old Jakarta. The doors used in this restaurant are old doors obtained from villages. Many of those old doors have ornaments that help create an atmosphere that brings visitors to the past and feel as if they are in Jakarta numerous years ago. This seafood restaurant is simple special.

Bandar Djakarta and What Makes It Special

A number of things help make Bandar Djakarta special and the clean environment it offers is one of them. The restaurant can make visitor forget about the noise and pollution they often find when in the middle of the city. The restaurant offers sea breeze and visitors can see boats near the restaurant. The fish the restaurant offers to guests are undeniably fresh because the restaurant has a fish market with fresh fish to cook and serve.

Fresh Seafood

Guests visiting this restaurant are free to choose fish, crabs, shrimp, and more. Guests are also allowed to ask the restaurant’s chefs to cook their seafood according to their taste. Guests are also given freedom to choose the place to eat their seafood since the restaurant is has a quite large area. The restaurant is open from 11.00 to 23.30 during weekdays and from 10.00 to 24.00 during weekends. If you are interested in enjoying seafood and the view of the sea in a clean environment, you definitely have to consider visiting this seafood restaurant at all costs.

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