Thailand on Your Next Holiday

Six Reasons to go to Thailand on Your Next Holiday

Thailand offers great destinations for those who want a tour of the exotic.  Thailand has beautiful national parks, land and ocean activities, as well as countless festivals in all locations.  It is steeped in rich culture and tradition.  It is called “The Land of Smiles” for good reason.  Thai people are typically friendly and helpful to foreigners.

The climate is typically warm all year round with some slight variations depending on the area.  In the North the climate gets cooler around December and January but never reaches freezing.  In some areas there is a rainy season which also depends on the location.  However, if you go you are very likely to get good weather for whatever activity you choose.

We will look at six reasons to visit Thailand. 

1.  Cost – Thailand is a very inexpensive place to visit.  You can find luxury hotels at a fraction of what it cost to stay in some budget hotels in other countries.  Meals can easily be had for $3.00 per person.  If you want to experience how the locals eat even cheaper.

2.  Shopping – There is some great shopping to be had in Thailand.  There are local night bazaars that will sell local crafts.  In Bangkok there are also floating market that you can experience.  Prathu Naam is Thailand’s largest clothing market.  You can purchase your items at wholesale prices.  There are also tailors in every city that will make a custom suit or dress for you at a fraction of a price of a tailored suit elsewhere.

3.  Sports – If you enjoy watching sports there are many venues to explore.  Thai boxing is one of th most popular sporting events in the country as well as soccer.  Other sports that you may not have seen include Takraw, which looks a lot like volleyball with your feet, and elephant polo.  There are also sports you can participate in such as biking, trekking, and rafting.

4. Indulge yourself – Perhaps after your shopping and participating in some sporting events you would like to take it easy and relax.  There are many centers that cater to relaxing.  They will have beauty and spa packages.

5. Health spas – Thailand has many health spas that will allow you to focus on your health.  On the island of Koh Samui there are detox spas that will help you get back to your vibrant self.  Many offer fitness boot camp holidays that will also get you back on track with exercise and healthy food.

6.  Culture – The Thais have many traditions that have been handed down from one generation to another.  This is seen in the traditional dancing that was designed many generations ago.  Thailand also has beautiful temples that have unique architecture.

These are just six reasons to visit the exotic country of Thailand.  It is a country that has just about everything a person could ask for on a holiday everything from relaxing to fitness holidays Thailand has it all.

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