Being a Successful Traveling Physical Therapist

For some, traveling is their lifeblood, the thing they would rather be doing than anything else in the world. However, their current employment severely limits the amount of trips they can take. If this sounds like you, you should consider employment as a traveling physical therapist. You can enjoy helping others become well again while at the same time fulfilling your dream of traveling all over the world.


The best way to build your one-man (or woman)  traveling physical therapy clinic is to find good contracts, and the best way to do that is to network. If you’re in school, get to know your teachers and seek their recommendations and advice about pursuing a career in this field. If you’re a practicing physical therapist, get close with your colleagues and others in the field so that you’ll be able to make connections elsewhere when you’re traveling.

Use Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool for making connections with others in your field as well as fueling your growing business. Social media pages are important so that future employers can see your business and read past reviews. You can also use social media to find potential jobs and connect with others in the business. For example, you can use Facebook Graph Search to reveal data regarding anything to do with physical therapy clinics around the world.

Get Used to Being Homeless

While you’re in the traveling physical therapy business, you most likely won’t have a permanent residence. You’ll move from apartment to apartment with most contracts lasting no longer than six months. In order to make the transitions more comfortable, consider bringing something from home with you wherever you’re living, such as a family keepsake, a few books, or a sports poster. It’ll give you a sense of comfortable permanence that you might be missing.

Consider “Outside of the Box” Options

You probably have your dream destination in mind as you’re considering your career as a traveling physical therapist, and if you’re like most people, it probably involves somewhere warm and sunny. It’s always good to have goals, but remember to keep your options open. You might find that the most fulfilling moments of your career happen in places you never expected to love. Keeping your options open and being happy when opportunities come, no matter where the location, will keep the job fun and exciting for you.

Have Your Own Instruments Handy

Though the companies you’re working for will most likely be equipped with all the tools you need, it’s a good idea to have a few instruments on hand. New equipment isn’t always easy to learn, and you’ll likely perform your job better when you have the things you’re most comfortable with (such as your own tools) with you at all times.

Take Time for Fun

Don’t forget to have fun amidst all the work you’ll be doing. You’ll potentially be traveling all over the world as you work, an opportunity many a dreamer would give anything for. Take some time out of your schedule to see the sights, participate in beloved activities, and meet new people. It will make the experience all the more satisfying.

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