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Top 8 Biggest Lakes in Russia

Lakes in Russia are one of the nation’s wealth. They can be big or small, freshwater and salty, deep and shallow. Therefore, let us have a look on the biggest lakes in Russia! The Caspian Sea This lake is located on the border of Asia and Europe and washes the shores of 5 countries (Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan). ...

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Siberia In Russia


Siberia is a vast geographical region that consist virtually all of North Asia and has been part of Russia since the 17th century. It extends from Ural Mountains to the watershed between Arctic and Pacific drainage basins on the east side. On the southern side it stretches from the hills of Kazakhstan to the Arctic Ocean and boarders China and ...

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Skiing In Russia: A Comprehensive Overview of Russian Ski

Skiing In Russia

Nothing is as good as skiing. It gives you an indescribable sense of freedom, adventure and excitement. You should think about skiing in various parts of the globe to experience the culture, cuisine and skiing infrastructure that the world has to offer you. For example, you could try out skiing in Russia. Ski resorts in Russia are cheaper as well ...

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