Shore Excursion Companies

The 3 Top Shore Excursion Companies

Providing shore excursions is one task that requires handling by the most reputable tour companies. There are a number of companies out there offering a variety of tours and excursions. However, the best tour companies will offer a wide selection of tours from most or all of the ports you will visit. Working with one company is much easier if changes need to be made or if your ship encounters a unexpected schedule change. Also, package discounts may be available if you book multiple tours with the same company.

Here are three of the top shore excursion agencies in the business.


A truly great shore excursion provider is Private Shore Trips, known for their exciting private shore excursions from the most popular locations around the world.

They offer an extensive network of tours in the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. They focus exclusively in offering private shore excursions giving you the chance to have a very intimate look at the city, lifestyle and history.

Private Shore Trips offers shore excursions aimed at satisfying travelers who love unique experiences, which are not easily gotten from cruise lines. They work with you to determine which of the European shore excursions will be most suitable for you while their guides give you eye-opening perspectives on major sights in each city.

A visit to their official web page will help you choose from a wide range of shore excursions. Private Shore Trips works with independent guides and incoming tour operators to design personal, flexible and exciting shore excursions and land tours.


Shore Excursion Groups is known for the wide variety of exciting, enriching and appealing shore excursions they provide at prices lower than the cruise lines. Shore Excursion Groups gives you the option of traveling with other cruise passengers or in smaller groups, which gives you a more personalized experience. For groups of 4 or more, you can get a unique private shore arrangement. Navigating the Shore Excursion Groups website is made easy by the options of either viewing by Excursion Sizes and Excursion Type


Shore Trips is yet another company that has distinguished itself shore excursion services. Shore Trips prides itself on the several years of travel and touring experience brought into the shore trip business by its founder who is said to have been in the travel business for well over 30 years. With travel experiences that were gathered from the pre-computer era to the digital travel age, Shore Trips offer some of the most exciting shore excursions to some of the most exciting destinations around. Shore Trips offers today’s traveler the chance to enhance port of call, whether the traveler arrives by plane or boat. What makes Shore Trips a great option is that the owners have traveled to many destinations they take their clients to in an aim to ensure that travelers are thoroughly satisfied.

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