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The Best Things About Taking A City Break

Doing nothing except stuffing your face and drinking as much as you can whilst lying on a sun lounger all day may well appeal to some, and it’s great if it that’s what you like. However, city breaks are becoming more and more popular over sun holiday alternatives these days, and we couldn’t be happier.

City breaks offer you a unique insight into a new place, and they’re a great option for those wanting to get the very most out of their time abroad (or maybe even in the UK!). If you’re not quite convinced yet, here’s a list of what we think are the best things about taking a city break.

You’re bound to get a lot more experiences for your money

Again, we’re not saying that sunning yourself on a beach for two weeks isn’t great, as that’s exactly what you need sometimes, but by spending 2, 3 or 4 days in a city, you’ll jam pack your time with so much to do that you’re arguably getting a lot more out of your holiday, and therefore more for your money.

From city tours via bus, boat or foot, or simply just going it alone with a map, or heading off the beaten track, you can explore a new place exactly as you wish and see and do things you’d never get the chance to back home.

They’re becoming cheaper and cheaper

One thing that tends to put people off from city breaks is the price, and the argument that you can sometimes get a week’s sun holiday for what you’ll be paying for 2 or 3 days in a city. However, that’s not so true anymore. Travel companies are recognising the high demand for good value city breaks so are making them much more competitive in terms of price.

You could also book the components separately yourself to save some extra cash too.

You get to really experience a new place and its culture

You can throw yourself in at the deep end and avoid the all inclusive buffet and bars where you stick to the foods you’d eat at home, for example. You can take culinary tours of your new surroundings whilst meeting the local people and learning about hot spots that you may not find very easily in a brochure or tour guide which can make for a really incredible, unique experience.

You can even combine seeing a few cities at once

For example, if you’re flying out from another city such as London, you could take a couple of days to explore there first. The Park, Stay & Go at Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport options make this even easier to do, too.

Also, some cities that interest you will be so close to each other you could even get the bus to see them! Our favourite has to be the day trip from Belfast to Dublin as they’re much nearer to each other than you’d think.

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