The Best Tulip Gardens To Visit In Amsterdam

March is a season where in every year, the fields outside Amsterdam turn into amazingly beautiful carpets from the dull sandy patches as the spring starts to emerge. By the time, the season completely sets in; the whole of the area is covered with mushy yellow, dazzling pink, soothing purple, flaming red and bright orange coloured blooms – a view that is beyond perfection.

No matter whether you decide to visit the beautifully fostering growth of blooming bulbs or the cruise via the bulb farmers fields in your nearby, the below mentioned about the stay apartments in Amsterdam at a glance would assist to make your trip of the spring season worth everything.

What are the best gardens that one should visit in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is filled with marvellous gardens in the spring season. Some of the many amazing gardens that one should have on their visit list during their trip to Amsterdam are as follows:

  1. Keukenhof gardens:

The Keukenhof gardens are one of the most beautifully amazing gardens in the whole world. They are located in the Lisse, South Holland, portraying around seven million growing and blossoming bulbs on its grounds and also on many other flower exhibitions in the pavilions.

This garden is opened only for two months every year for the visitors to have a look at it and have the pleasure of sight of the wonderful blossoming tulips. People and all the other tourists from Amsterdam and Netherlands attend the park in huge numbers.

  1. Province of Noord-Holland and Sassenheim:

The province of Noord-Holland and Sassenheim lies in the township of Haarlem. Lisse is a part of this province which has the perfectly amazing bulbs that blossom and grow every year.

Tulips add a feather to the province by making it more desirable and preferable for the visitors to visit the place and have a breathtaking experience of the wonderful scenario of the colourful tulips.

Tulip Garden and The Best Time to Visit Them

Tulips are the flowers which generally bloom at the end of April and the middle of May. The proper and the best time to visit them depend totally on the weather and the climate of the day. Some of the best and must follow timing tips for the visitors are as mentioned below:

The best time to visit the Tulip gardens is either during the very beginning or just before the few hours of the closing time of the garden. This seems to be the most appropriate time for the visit, as during this time there is less of the crowd and also the sun is not too bright.

Photos that are taken during this time appear to be quite natural and also they hold the true colour of the flower as the bright sunlight does not affect the colour at that time.


It is usually said that the warm March temperatures spur the earlier peak times while around the mid of April are the best time to hit the tulip gardens. If you are planning your spring trip to Amsterdam, then one visit to the tulip gardens is a must.

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