The Best Way To See It All In Bermuda

Though these North Atlantic islands comprise only 21 miles, there’s much to see and do. Bermuda is a unique blend of relaxed island charm and modern convenience. Most famous for its private coves and blushing pink-sand beaches, it’s an obvious romantic destination. But it’s not just a honeymooner’s paradise: with no sales tax, it’s also a shopper’s paradise.

Tourism in Bermuda is picking up as the demand to get out of the North American cold is increasing. The trend of leaving all-inclusive resorts and wanting to experience authentic activities and locations has also been on the rise. Jessie James Cruises has met that demand by offering a different perspective on Bermuda.

Their trips allow travelers to discover the crystal-clear water and world famous coral reefs. Within one day, travelers will experience the best of Bermuda on their 31′ Seaquest rib glassbottom boat.

Along with snorkeling among beautiful coral reefs and fish, travelers will also spend their day viewing famous shipwrecks within the Bermuda waters. “Bermuda has an amazing coral reef and beautiful fish. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with this excursion. AMAZING!” – Haymarket, Virginia

The testimonial above is one of many left on online review sites such as Tripadvisor, Frommers and Wikitravel of customers recommending Jessie James Cruises to travelers headed to Bermuda. We recommend booking the tour in advance especially over high season. You can view more of their services online:

Chloe is the owner and operator of Jessie James Cruises. Her past experiences includes traveling the Western Hemisphere and doing ocean crossings throughout the Atlantic, New England, the Caribbean and the Canary Islands.

If you want to hang out on the beach afterwards, check out some of the most highly ranked beached in Bermuda:

▪ Horseshoe Bay Beach, Southampton Parish. Beautiful pink sand beach bordered by rocky areas suitable for snorkeling. Probably the most photographed (and most popular) Bermudian beach. Be aware that it may be crowded with cruise ship tourists, whose number one stop is often this beach. The surf can get rough at times here. Elbow Beach, Tribe Road #4, Paget Parish. Another beautiful pink sand beach between Coral Beach, Elbow Beach and Coco Reef hotels.

▪ Tobacco Bay, St. George Parish. A boulder-sheltered, shallow, warm-water beach which can become quite crowded with cruise ship passengers. Can be reached on foot from St. George square or shuttles are readily available. Another walk will take you to nearby Fort St. Catherine.

▪ Achilles Bay / St. Catherine’s Bay, Northeastern St. George Parish. Can be reached on foot from St. George square or shuttles are readily available. Adjacent to Fort St. Catherine. Rest rooms, food concession nearby, beach rentals.

▪ Clearwater Beach / Turtle Beach / Turtle Bay / Long Bay / Well Bay / Soldier Bay, in St. David’s near the eastern end of the airport runway. Located on former US Air Base lands used for NASA tracking station at Cooper’s Island.

▪ Shelly Bay, North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish. Lots of shallow water and a large playground make this great choice for families with small kids. Not far from Flatts Village and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

▪ Chaplin Bay / Stonehole Bay / Warwick Long Bay, South Road, Warwick Parish. Warwick Long Bay is a very large beach. It’s less popular than the other large beaches due to its relatively steep sand slope, and strong undercurrent. Chaplin and Stonehole bays, along with the accompanying Jonson’s Cove, are pristine, picture postcard settings.

▪ Snorkel Park, Royal Naval Dockyard, Phone: 234-6989. A limestone tunnel through the keep’s wall puts you on the beachfront for snorkeling or water sports. This is often a popular stop for passengers coming off the cruise ships and reluctant to leave the Dockyard area.

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