The Eighth Wonder Of The World-Terracotta Warriors And Horses

Opening hours: 8:00 am to 17:30 pm from March 11 to November 14; 8:00 am to 17:00 pm from November 15 to March 15

Tickets: 90 yuan/person in the busy season (from March 1 to the end of November);

65 yuan/person in the off season (from December 1 to the end of February)

Privileges: students can buy the half-price tickets by showing their student ID card;

people between 65 to 70 years old can also get the half-price tickets by showing

their ID cards; soldiers, the disabled and people over 70 years old can enter the

scenic spots free of charge.


There are three pits within the museum.

The first pit is the largest, which covers an area of 14,260 square meters and has a depth of 5 meters. There are over 6000 pieces of pottery figurines and horses, and all of them are orderly arranged in a square shape. Three lines of warrior figures are horizontally arranged in the eastern side of the pit, with the long-range weapons in their hands, it seems that they are the forward troops. Behind them, there comes the core troop which is composed of 6000 warriors in armor, armed with spears, halberds and other long-range weapons. The rearguard is distributed in the south and north sides. The whole troop is impressive and spectacular, which is a reproduction of the brilliant achievements of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty.

The second pit is L-shaped, and has an area about 6000 square meters. It is a large military array composed of the cavalrymen, infantrymen, crossbowmen and chariots. The second pit can be divided into 4 relatively independent units, including the crossbowmen, chariots, a blending of chariots and cavalrymen, and cavalrymen. There are also more than 1300 pieces of terracotta figurines and horses, over 80 chariots and a large number of mental weapons.

mental weapons

The third pit is concave, covering an area about 520 square meters. It, together with the first and second pits, is an organic whole. It has unearthed about 68 terracotta figurines, 4 horses and 1 chariot.

It you want to have a more comprehensive understanding about the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, you can rent an electronic device just near the door of the museum to interpret the information for you. There are two ways to go to the exhibition hall: you can take the cable car directly to it or you can go there across a shopping street on foot about 20 minutes. Of course, each way is worth a try since by taking the cable car, you can save some time; however, by crossing the street, you can find some delicious food and nice souvenirs. The exhibition area can be classified into two parts: the bronze chariots and horses, and these three pits.

If possible, you’d better not go there on weekends, since it is crowed with people everywhere. After the terracotta warriors tour, you can’t help but praise the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. How great he is and how spectacular the Terracotta Warriors and Horses is!

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