Middle Eastern Airlines

The Top 5 Middle Eastern Airlines

With the airline industry facing many challenges, policy changes, and price adjustments over the past several years, it’s good to know that there are still airlines in the Middle East who have achieved recognition for being among the best in their class and some of them are even considered the best in the world. Based on the customer service that their companies provided their passengers, the following are considered The Top 5 Middle Eastern Airlines.

  1. Oman Air

If there is any question in your mind that Oman Air offers their passengers quintessential service, consider these perks: first class passengers are entitled to a private chauffeur driven vehicle; they utilize baggage tracing systems that can locate your bags automatically; and you can enjoy a complementary massage at the airport while you are waiting for your flight.

  1. Qatar Airways

If you enjoy travelling while in the lap of luxury you should make your reservations with Qatar Airways. They have invested $90 million in an opulent terminal in Doha that features the ever trendy Al Mourjan Business Lounge. They fly to Amsterdam and there are three flights to Singapore daily.

  1. Emirates

Customized service to fit each class of passengers is why Emirates has become so popular with regular travelers. They make sure they watch over any of their younger passengers who may be travelling alone. They provide special perks to the business set with private chauffeurs who make sure their guests get to their planes on time. And frequent travelers can enjoy one of their relaxing lounges at their base, get some last minute work tied up, or catch a refreshing shower before boarding their flight.

  1. Etihad Airways

First class passengers at this airline are going to be hard-pressed to find better perks while travelling from the Middle East. The suites in first class are the largest available, there is a nanny onboard to help with the little ones, and there are some fabulous lounges to enjoy at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. You can aslo search for Etihad Airways promo code on google for extra savings.

  1. Saudi Arabian Airlines

This airline has plenty of perks to go around: there are check-in desks specifically for those who have special needs; a comprehensive menu to suit all types of dietary requests, from vegetarian, healthy eaters, and picky children; and seating assignments to accommodate families who are travelling together. In addition, first class and frequent travelers enjoy priority lanes at the airport.

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