Things That You Should Do In Singapore

When planning to go to Singapore, you need to take some precautions, and make sure that you do some particular things for your own benefit, and avoid some other the same reason. Singapore is not your home country, and you could go very wrong if you do the simplest of the things there, and you could get into some trouble if you do not do some things. Here are some things that you should DO in Singapore:

  1. Make sure you ask for the prices for all the food before ordering it. Sometimes, even the humblest looking establishments can have extremely exorbitant prices for some things. This holds true especially if you are ordering seafood at places: fish and crab dishes can cost significantly higher than expected in even small shops. This is also an issue, as the small establishments would not accept cards, and this could lead you into murky waters.
  2. Get a copy of the Mass Rapid Transit printed or in digital format. It proves supremely useful at times. Since the MRT is going to be the go-to option for all your transportation needs, you would be better off taking these precautions.
  3. When you are sitting on a table in restaurant, make sure that you verify that there are no packets of tissue paper or umbrellas or the like there. People from Singapore have this habit of reserving their places with these objects, and you could get into an unwanted confrontation if you are not careful.


So much for what you should do. There are a lot of other things, which you should look for. They can be found all over the internet. Let us see some important things that you should avoid doing in the country. Here are some DON’Ts:

  1. Never litter in the country. The National Environmental Agency officers usually blend into the crowd wearing plain uniforms, and can fine you on the spot for first offences, and make you watch a video for the evils of littering. If it is a repeat offence done by you, you will have to work with the Corrective Work Order, where you would have to clean up the mess at some place.
  2. There is no need to tip the waiters. Although not considered bad manners, it is surely not encouraged. The places charge a service charge from you, and that covers the tips and the like.
  3. You should not throw away the bills and receipts. There is a provision to reclaim the Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the airport while returning, on some goods. This stands at a substantial 7% of the amount, and can be a lot. This could help you reclaim some of the money that you have spent at various places in the country.
  4. Do not smoke in public places. It is illegal to smoke in enclosed public places, and even dropping the cigarette butt at any place like those could mean an immediate fine for you.
  5. Avoid chewing gum in Singapore. This could literally get you arrested in the country. It is not permitted, and you would be better off leaving the gums back home before traveling to the country.

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