Tips When Travelling To Belgium

The country of Belgium is known to be the world’s number one maker of beers, chocolates, and fries. It sure has a lot to offer than that- picturesque sceneries, rich culture, fine architecture, and a variety of masterpiece in art galleries. Moreover, if you want to explore the old days of World War I the country of Belgium surely has a lot to offer. It is 5th smallest country in Europe, nonetheless its history, culture, and geography is enough for travellers to fell in love with Belgium.

Before heading to the bountiful country of Belgium, be sure that you plan your trip ahead to save your money, effort, and time. Things your budget should cover are your accommodation, food, mode of transportation to easily get around the country, and the activities you wish to do while in Belgium. Travel light for it makes you do more. If you can’t, a smart option you can do is to send your parcel to Belgium by arranging a shipping process with a reliable and prompt courier, Courierpoint. It is better and a lot cheaper than paying excess baggage in airport. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of setting up arrangements of sending your parcel to Belgium. One can easily file up a request by logging in to their official website.

 Best places to see in Belgium

  • Brussels- is capital region of Brussels. It has a lot of charming buildings and fancy galleries all around small cosmopolitan city. It is bilingual region of Belgium- where the wide population speaks English so you can ask politely to anyone directions with what places to see and must try food.
  • Antwerp– is the world’s diamond capital. This is right place for you to pop the magical question to your long-time girlfriend or partner!
  • Bruges- you might be surprised with Bruges for it serves as Venice of North! A very romantic place to spend with your special someone or just enjoy the atmosphere of place on your own.
  • Ghent- nurture architecture and other forms of art in Ghent which features medieval designs- it has a wide number of churches and castles! It might be the perfect place for you to meet your prince or princess.
  • Leuven- university hub of Belgium. If you want to meet more friends or go to a café you should never miss going to Leuven for it serves the city of mostly young adults and party-goers. Dress up and get hyped with fun people to get along with!

The do’s and don’ts when travelling to Belgium


  • If visiting a local’s home in Belgium, be sure to prepare a simple gift to children of the household. They value family relationships especially children. Don’t worry; a sweet candy treat will make the kids smile to their ears!
  • Do dress neatly and conservatively.
  • Do finish the food on your plate for it implies impoliteness if you failed to do so.
  • Do keep in mind that “OK” sign means ZERO in Belgium. Don’t get confused!
  • Upon greeting new friends, remember to always give them a tight shake hands. Including their children.
  • Always be on time. And do not be late with any meetings including your date.
  • If important confidential files, papers, or business documents were left back home, there is a courier, Courierpoint that lets you send you parcel to Belgium on the next day you arranged your shipping information.


  • Don’t rest your elbows on a table when dining but keep your hands on table and not on your lap.
  • Don’t oblige yourself to provide a tip. But if you were really satisfied with the dining experience you received, feel free to give your waiter a tip as long as it will not go up to 10% of your bill!
  • Even though Belgium is largest beer factory in the world, don’t offer beer to any strangers on streets unless he or she is your close friend.
  • Don’t take off your jacket or suit during a business meeting.
  • Don’t whack someone on their back for it makes an offensive move for Belgians.

Enjoy your wonderful stay in the Kingdom of Belgium. Eat as much as you can. See places as much as your eyes can take. And don’t get tired of natural beauty the country offers.

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