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Top 10 Things You Should Catch In Bologna And Surroundings

In particular, Bologna, a capital of Emilia Romagna region, should be your first stage to meet Italy. It is going to be the very thing for everything interesting and informative: learning Italian, meeting people, tasting something classic and typically Italian. The other words, your visiting Bologna makes you full of positive impressions, and “hot” moments. You shouldn’t stop!
Coming to Italy, everyone should know that the picture is worth thousand words. Try to read this article and make your own trip planning: the things you shouldn’t miss in Bologna and suburbs – here is a real naked Italy.

Taste the most delicious Italian regional kitchen

Emilia Romagna is a well-known gastronomic heart of Italy. It’s not a secret, but local kitchen was qualified as the best of the best by Italians and not only. The base of this is home-made pasta with different fillings, or meat sauce. There are a lot of regional Italian goods, like balsamic vinegar of Modena, parmesan, Parma ham. Moreover, there are a lot of vine groves, situated in the suburbs of Bologna, Modena, producing the famous Italian wines, like well-known Lambrusco.

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Visit the producers of Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati and Ferrari brands

Emilia Romagna is a right place for you, if you are fond of cars. Here, in this region, the famous Italian care brands, like Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ferrari are producing. It is not enough! Every producer has its museum, where you can see, hear and touch with your own hands the legend cars and motorbikes. You can also buy there any souvenir you like. As it was said before, you shouldn’t stop! If you have a driving license, Maserati proposes to learn the special driving courses.

Walk the longest in the world covered passageway

Bologna is famous of its 36 km-longed passage ways. It is mostly convenient to walk there on a rainy day without your umbrella. The longest of them leads to the upper city church, called Santuario della Madonna di San Luca. Consisting of 666 terraces, gallery leads to the church, symbolizing the win of diving power over evil. The real prize for everyone, who could climb the terrace, there will be a beautiful city view.

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Enjoy the brilliant Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna

The beauty of Bologna is how easy and quickly you can get the suburbs. You can get there from the biggest in the whole Italy train station, reaching your aim, Florence, Venice, Milan, less than two hours. There is one more place to visit – Ravenna.

This town is not as popular, as the previous ones, but its Byzantine mosaics are really worth seeing. They are bright, thematic and beautiful. Getting Ravenna by car, renting a car is also popular for all tourists, travelling Italy comfortably, you can visit more famous places, decorated with mosaics. Mausoleo di Galla PlacidiaBasilica di San VitaleMausoleo di Teodorico – visiting these places you need to buy a ticket.

Visit one of the biggest cathedrals in Europe

The cathedral building was started at 14th century in Bologna. It might be the biggest cathedral in Europe, even bigger than Basilica di San Pietro in Rome. Because of many reasons the building process was stopped. That is why the upper and lower part of the cathedral forms a contrast to each other. Sitting at the stairs the warm summer nights, locals are drinking wine and watching the streets.

Come and see the ancient anatomy theatre

Bologna is a motherland of the ancient European university, founded in 1088. The first university building is called Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio, situated near the main city square. There is a beautiful lecture hall is situated here – Teatro Anatomico. It is a wooden amphitheater with the marble table for cutting subjects in the middle. If you want, you can visit the cutting procedure free.

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Have a meal in booking shop

What do you know about the popular Italian movement slow food? You can join in social life in the book store Libreria Coop Ambasciatori. Firstly, it was a church, then – a market, then – a cinema. At the beginning of this century it was appeared a book store there: escalators, elevators, glassy roof, children’s corner, performing area, cozy chairs, and lamps.
As the result of this, it is a cubby house at the first floor of which you can taste coffee with sandwiches. The second and third floors offer to try pasta and other Italian snacks, and local wine. Most of these goods you can buy and take home. There is one more thing. Libreria Coop works without meal break. Thus, you can always come and have a lunch here, at any time, at all hours.

Catch an aperitif

Aperitifs are the main historical traditions of Northern Italy. The most of crowded places in Bologna can be found in the university block at via Zamboni. So, what is the traditional Italian aperitif? You can have cheese, ham, and slices of pizza, olives, salads and fresh vegetables for aperitif. It usually starts at 7 p.m. as far as traditional Italian dinner starts at 8-9 p.m.

Listen to fabulous Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi was born not far from Parma, in Busseto town. Getting there by car is a good idea! So, you should visit a beautiful opera theatre named after Verdi. A musical festival takes place there every autumn. Actually, it doesn’t really matter when you are travelling Italy. You can always listen to La Traviata or Othello out of festival program.

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Meet city, where Raphael was born

Urbino, a little nice town, situated not far from Bologna waits for your kind visit. You probably know that renting car solves all your travelling problems, making your trip more interesting and comfortable. By the way, this kind of travelling is very popular in Italy, so, it is an easy job for everyone to reach Urbino. This is a Raphael’s motherland. The town is romantic, in the spirit of the time.

Dear travellers! Travelling Central or Northern Italy, come and see Bologna – the main city of Emilia Romagna region. It is famous as a city of towers, universities and the best cookery specialists. Modern Bologna is the biggest Italian city, steeling in quantity and safety the historical monuments to Venice only.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a writer and traveler from Europe. She uses every chance to travel around the world with her friends and family.

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