Top 4 Cities For Art Lovers

Whether you’re taking a vacation or looking to move, being an art lover is going to influence your choice of destination. With so many vibrant art cities in the US and around the world, there are many options for seeing great art and taking in artist culture. A trip to a city with a vibrant and active art scene can be as rejuvenating as relaxing on the beach.

On your next trip, don’t neglect your love of art. Read on for the best destinations for your art lover’s vacation.

Best Art Cities

  • Berlin. The younger generation is hip to the big changes happening in Berlin. As the cost of living becomes prohibitive in many of the world’s well known art cities, young people are turning to Berlin as the solution. Berlin has a rich art history, including German expressionism and the Bauhaus. While the winters may be cold, the arts scene in this growing cultural hub is hot.
  • Florence. No world tour of art is complete without a trip to Florence. Italy’s rich artistic and cultural history, from the Renaissance to contemporary works, make Florence a must-see location for any art lover. Stroll through ancient and new works alike, as the city’s many museums and galleries cater to all tastes.
  • New York City. New York City may be growing more expensive, but its art scene is still thriving — merely with a different face. Some of the world’s most successful artists are represented by New York’s many galleries. Take a walk through Chelsea to see what’s new in the international art scene. All throughout the city are public art sculptures and monuments, such as the cube at Astor Place (whose new neighbor is one of Jeff Koonz’s enormous balloon animals). If you are keen to take a step out of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Museum of Art is one of the world’s cultural hubs. In the Elizabeth Sackler Feminist Art Center, view Judy Chicago’s controversial installation The Dinner Party, as it is on permanent display (following legal dispute). The massive Metropolitan Museum of Art and many other of New York’s many museums are suggested donation admission, making a trip to the Big Apple more affordable for the traveler. New York City isn’t a place to miss for art lovers on vacation.
  • Washington, D.C. The District of Columbia is home to a number of art museums, including the Smithsonian’s art museums. The Smithsonian museums are all paid for by taxes, and admission is therefore free. Explore American classic paintings, contemporary work, avant garde sculpture, and more in one of the world’s most venerated art institutions.


These are only a few of the cities in the world an art lover shouldn’t miss. Many smaller cities offer their own art scenes spearheaded by local galleries, such as Park West Gallery in Southfield, MI. Check out these cultural hot spots on your next vacation to become immersed in the art world.

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