Top 4 Photo Opportunities On The Costa Del Sol

When staying in a Costa del Sol Villa there are many photo opportunities just outside your door, but here are just a few of the best photo opportunities to be found along the coast.

Málaga Cathedral

To give its full name, the Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga is a splendid Renaissance church in the heart of the old quarter of the city.  From the attractive exterior right through to the soaring arches of the interior, the cathedral is a fascinating visit and photographic model.

The façade of the cathedral is in the Baroque style and the north tower soars 84 metres (276 ft.) high, which makes this the second-highest cathedral in Andalusia after the Giralda de Seville.  Of interest to note, the second tower was never completed and a plaque at the base of that tower explains that funds the parish raised to complete it may have been used to aid British colonies, who became the United States, gain independence from Great Britain.

Benalmádena Stupabenalmadenastupa

Heading down the coast to Benalmádena, the next photo moment is something a little more unusual for Spain. The Benalmádena Stupa is the largest stupa in Europe and sits up on the hillside close to the Benalmádena pueblo, lording over an incredible view down and along the coastline.

Each stupa has its own story, but this one apparently symbolizes Buddha’s enlightenment and the realization of the nature of mind.  Inside can be found a 100 square metre meditation room, painted with the life story of the historical Buddha Sakyamuni.

Bioparc Fuengirola

For those with an interest in capturing animals on camera, the Bioparc is a great place to do this.  Hidden in the centre of the busy seaside resort, Bioparc Fuengirola cannot really be compared to a normal zoo, as the Asian and African creatures live in realistic and natural enclosures, surrounded by water features and many trees and lush gardens.

The Bioparc can get crowded, so if in a photographic frame of mind, rather visit as it opens its doors at 10am for the best experience. The writer was lucky enough to get a private moment alone with a black and white ruffed lemur called Charlie while on one of the regular tours of the lemur enclosure.  He posed beautifully.

The meerkats are also natural models and the orangutans occasionally perform a Romeo and Juliet-style scene, although in this case “Juliet” is down below the balcony while Romeo teases her with some food from above.

Selwo Aventura Safari Park, Esteponalemurblackandwhite

Keeping with animals, if you have always wanted to experience an African photo safari, but have never quite managed to afford one, the Selwo Aventura safari park just outside Estepona is just the ticket. The park is located 20 minutes from the port of Estepona by car, and is accessible on the public transport route along the coastal highway.

The park is styled after a traditional African safari park and there are around 2,000 animals living there in semi-wild conditions, including elephant, zebra, various species of monkey, lions, cheetahs and many more.  There is also a wide range of birdlife, including the comical ostriches and several types of reptiles to visit.

Make sure you pack a memory card with loads of gigabytes available on it when visiting the Costa del Sol as there is so much more to see and capture.  Have a great photographic holiday!

Most images copyright Anne Sewell

Panorama of Selwo Aventura CC BY-NC 2.0 Rune

Ostriches CC BY-NC 2.0 Jose Carlos Castro

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