Top 4 Sports Crazy Cities

As Americans, we definitely love our sports! While some of us might not get to that sport fanatic level, we all have a team that gets our hearts racing during those nail-bitter games, whether it be professional, college, or high school. We also have those sports-crazed cities, and while anyone can argue that their city should make the cut, there are clearly some cities that go above and beyond the rest. All offering a different sport enthusiast flavor and feel, we’ve compiled the list of the best sport cities in the United States. So pay attention sports fans, as these are your best places to live.

Chicago, Illinois

Known as the windy city, Chicago is also known for their extremely passionate sports fans. Home to the Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks, there really isn’t any other city that rivals that list of strong sports teams. And even though the Cubs haven’t claimed another World Series title in years, those dedicated fans still gather at Wrigley Field. An in city rivalry to those Cubbies are the Blackhawks. It seems that everywhere you go is flanked with Blackhawk memorabilia, and you just can’t help but get caught up in it.


Boston, Massachusetts

Not only is Boston rich with history but is also home to die-hard sports fans! From the Red Sox to Patriots to Celtics to Bruins, all receive great fan support each night that they play. While their recent success certainly helps to amp up the fans passion and loyalty, Fenway Park always sells out regardless of the opponent. While all of Boston’s sports teams seem to be on the upswing, Boston is definitely a baseball town, and one of the best ones at that.

Los Angeles, California

Home to the Clippers, Lakers, Angels, Dodgers, Kings, and we’ll even count USC and UCLA, Los Angeles definitely has its fair share of sports teams. And while there is still no NFL team, LA is really the city for basketball. In fact, while the Dodgers definitely have a huge fan base, LA is hands-down one of the best cities for b-ball. All in all, while this city is definitely geared more towards Hollywood, the recent sporting success and loyalty of the fan base persuaded us to add LA to this list.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Win or lose, no matter what happens in the sporting world here in Philadelphia, you’re sure to experience the true craziness of sports-loving fans. They will hate you when they lose or love you forever if you somehow earn their respect. Their opinion usually changes in the blink of an eye – so get ready. Home to the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, and 76ers – no matter what team, there will be a consistent crowd and you can definitely expect in-your-face fan aggression.

There you have it – our list of the top sport-crazed cities. From loyalty to ruthless cheering, no matter what city and sporting event you attend, we can guarantee that it’ll be entertaining in more ways than one.

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