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Top 5 Tips for Renting a Car

If it’s your first time when you rent a car, there are some things that you should be aware of to avoid paying for services that you do not need.

Renting a car for your business trip or holiday is not just going to a desk and ask for a car. There are certain factors to think about such as the number of passengers, the size of the car, fuel consumption, insurance, etc.

So here are top five tips that will help you make a smart decision when it comes to renting a car.

  1. Surf the Internet

If you have time, look on the internet and compare the prices on more car rental companies. You might benefit from significant discounts offered for clients who book online and you can also see what is the price for each type of vehicle without a salesperson trying to convince you to pick the largest vehicle. You can choose the car that you want, where to rent it from and where to return it (some companies give you the possibility to return the car to a different location then the one where you rent the car). You can also check the hours of operation and choose the company that works best according to your schedule.

  1. Insurance

When you rent a car you’ll be offered a collision damage in waiver which covers you in the case of an accident and a loss damage waiver that will cover any loss to the company. Although they might seem a good idea, they represent only extra cash spent if your insurance policy already includes liability coverage that will protect you in case you injure someone and covers rental-car damage. Check with your insurance company first.

  1. Early booking

If you can try to reserve the car, at least, one week in advance. This will help you save some money and get the car that you need. Showing up at the car rental company during busy times such as holidays or weekends you will be in for a long wait, high prices and not many cars left to choose from.

  1. Prepaid gas

When you rent a vehicle you have two options: pay for a full tank of gas and return the car with the tank empty or refuel it before returning the car. Companies will try to convince you that paying in advance for a full tank will help you save money and adds convenience if you want to avoid the hassle of looking for a gas station especially if you’re in a hurry. But if you do not plan to use an entire tank of gas, paying for it in advance only means money lost, because the company will not return you the cash for the remaining gas.

  1. Get your child seat

Child seats can cost you $10 a day if you want to rent them. So for a one-week holiday you’ll pay $70 for it. Try bringing you own child safety seat if you want to save some bucks. If you plan to rent a minivan, there are some companies that offer child seats at no extra fee.

There are many car rental companies to choose from, such as airportscarhire.com. Make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions for each of these companies before making your choice.

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