Top 8 Biggest Lakes in Russia

Lakes in Russia are one of the nation’s wealth. They can be big or small, freshwater and salty, deep and shallow. Therefore, let us have a look on the biggest lakes in Russia!

The Caspian Sea

This lake is located on the border of Asia and Europe and washes the shores of 5 countries (Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan). The area of ​​the Caspian Sea is approximately 371,000 square kilometers, with a maximum depth of 1025 meters. The waters of this lake are salty.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is the deepest (about 1,640 meters) lake of our planet, is in eastern Siberia. Baikal area is more than 31 700 square kilometers. It t is the largest reservoir of fresh water (90% of Russia’s fresh water) on the planet. It should also be noted that the water of the lake is unusually clear and transparent.

Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga is located in both the Leningrad region and Karelia. Its area is more than 17,600 square kilometers and their maximum depths are 230 meters. It is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe. 35 rivers fall into Lake Ladoga. The famous Neva River originates from it. There are about 60 species of fish here, half of which has a great commercial value.

Lake Onega

This lake is located on the territory of Karelia, Vologda and Leningrad regions. Lake Onega area is about 9,700 square kilometers, with the greatest depth of 127 meters.

Lake Taimyr

Lake Taimyr is located in the Krasnoyarsk region on the Taimyr Peninsula. It is the most northerly lake in the world. Most of the year, the lake is covered with ice. Due to fluctuations in the water level of the lake area may vary, and up to 4 560 square kilometers and a maximum depth can reach up to 26 meters.

Lake Hanka

This lake is located in the Far East of Russia and borders with China. The greatest depth of Lake Hanka is about 11 meters. It covers the area of 4,070 square kilometers. Due to its location, it attracts large numbers of tourists who can get acquainted with the culture and customs of two countries. Over 75 species of fish live in the waters of this lake.

Lake Chany

Lake Chany is a salt lake located in the Novosibirsk region. The area of ​​the lake, according to a variety of sources, varies from 1400 to 2000 square kilometers, and its maximum depth is 7 meters. It has long been about these lake legends, one of which says that a huge snake devouring man and beast lives in this lake.

Lake White

This lake is located in Vologda region. The lake can vary, mainly due to the low shores, and be about 1,284 square kilometers. The average depth of White Lake is about 5-7 meters, but because of the underwater wells it may be up to 10-12 meters. Lake White is home to about 29 species of fish, making it a “paradise” for anglers.

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