TOP Cairo’s Attractions that should not be missed

Cairo is a stunning city of contrasts, palaces, mosques, museums, pyramids. It’s a place that combines different cultures and ways of life. The atmosphere in Cairo is impossible to put into words, it can only be felt. There is a saying: “Who has not been in Cairo, he was not in Egypt.” And so it is! To see life from the inside of Egypt, you must visit its capital.

National Egyptian Museum

In Cairo there is one of the most famous and important museums in the world. It is the National Egyptian Museum. There is the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts and over 1500 exhibits.

Every person who visits this museum will remain under incredibly strong impression of what he/she sees: the ancient painted pottery, sculptures, figurines, jewelry from the tombs of the pharaohs, mummies and more.

Cairo Citadel

Citadel is one of Cairo’s main attractions and the oldest fortress in the world. In the citadel there are many mosques, palaces and several museums.

The most important mosques are complexes of Al-Azhar Mosque, Ibn Tulun and Mohamed Ali. The most famous and the main mosque of the ancient fortress are known as Al-Azhar. It was built in the 10th century. It is unique for its unusual architecture and forks minaret.

Market Khan el-Khalili

Ancient market called Khan el-Khalili is a huge bazaar, consisting of a complex of quarters. In many stores you can buy all heart’s content. The market is best to be visited in the afternoon when the sun is not so hard bake, and all traders will be in place.

The Blue Mosque in Cairo

The famous Blue Mosque admires everyone with its beauty. Its minaret has a cylindrical shape, and the prayer hall is decorated with exquisite shades of green and blue faience.

Cairo Tower

In the center of Cairo there is famous Cairo Tower. It is the symbol of new Egypt. It is a stylized lotus stem structure which height is 187 meters. Inside the tower there is a popular restaurant, which is located on the platform rotates around its axis. On the top floor there is an observation deck from which you can admire the entire Nile Delta with the majestic pyramids.

Gezira Arts Center

Zamalek is the most fashionable district of Cairo. Among the chic, expensive houses, set in lush vegetation, there is a very informative Gezira Arts Center. By visiting it, you can see more than 10 thousand sculptures and paintings created by the Egyptian sculptors and artists in different epochs of time. In addition to the museum, you will also enjoy visiting the Department of Islamic pottery, as well as four galleries with unique rotating exhibits.

Museum of Islamic Art

One of the most interesting museums in Cairo is Museum of Islamic Art. It has a large collection of unique exhibits of art from all eras, not only Egypt but also from other neighboring Islamic countries.

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