Singaporean Attractions

Top Singaporean Attractions for 2016

The island state of Singapore has been drawing millions of tourist all year round for its breathtaking attractions to see. Discover what Singapore has to offer this 2016 as it continues to amaze and astonish with its glory all its guests and visitors.

Marina Bay: The Most Spectacular of All

The famous Marina Bay of Singapore is packed with fantastic attractions that will make your Singapore visit truly an enjoyable one. This complex features magnificent attractions like the buildings and resorts, shopping malls, casinos, dining restaurants and nightlife activities around. This place has been always a sought-after attraction to see for its light shows at nights illuminating the waters and landmarks in the area that will make your visit truly unforgettable.

The Singapore Night Safari Adventure

An undoubtedly interesting attraction, the Singapore night safari experience will make you come back for more this year. This conservation and research center that is making a name in Asia is really worth the visit. Packed with more than a thousand animals to be seen and gracefully arranged into around 60 exhibits will make your visit a busy one. Its main feature lies in its offering of a night safari adventure which other zoos in the world doesn’t have. It will make you experience of having a glimpse of nocturnal animals as they roam around the vast fields of the zoo. They also showcase their animals in a half an hour show of the Creatures of the Night which provides the guests an overview of the animals to be seen in this place.

Experience India in Singapore

Gaining much interest this year as a place to visit in Singapore is its Little India. This place will be great for tourists who are looking for a colorful understanding of the rich Indian heritage that flourished in Singapore. Experience India through its marvelous restaurants and dining fast foods which offers authentic Indian cuisines touched with a Singaporean twist to match the sophisticated taste of the Singaporean locals and foreign tourists who are searching for something new for their taste buds. Conveniently located at the eastern part of the Singaporean River on the northern part of Kampong Glam, you will have access in this beautiful place as it welcome you with striking aromas that are coming from the restaurants and shopping kiosks. Serious shoppers will be definitely interested in this place for its Mustafa Center, a market that is open for everyone day and night, selling bargained Indian products and souvenirs.

Singapore Visit is Incomplete without the Merlion

More than just a statue, it is the main icon of Singapore, the mythical symbol that anyone wants to see again and again no matter what. Truly indeed, your Singapore visit will not be complete without paying a visit to the most famous landmark of the country, the Merlion. This water-spouting statue is great for taking souvenir photos of your Singapore visit while taking also a calm and relaxing stroll in this area facing the serene waters of the sea. The terraced seating area beside the statue is inviting for everyone to have a seat and take a short rest while in the midst of their tours around this great city.

The Futuristic Gardens by the Bay

What more could be more exciting than visiting this attraction that features a futuristic, colorful and very vast park next to the bay area of Singapore. The famed superstructures formed in the outline of huge trees is really an attraction to see as you stroll down the thrilling skywalk over the gardens and many other facilities like greenhouses in giant seashell structures, and many diverse trees and plants.

The Universal Studios

Cap your visit in Singapore by dropping by the famous Singapore Universal Studios. This one of a kind attraction in the whole of Southeast Asia is truly a serious place to consider visiting both for children and adults. Featuring attractions of the themed zones where Universal Studio has made a mark in the minds of the people like Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, Lost World, Madagascar and many others, it also offers the visitors great rides for everyone from carousels up to the world’s tallest dueling roller coasters.

These are only some of what Singapore has to offer its attraction-thirsty guests. Indulge yourselves with these great sites to see to make your Singapore experience truly a memorable one.

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