Tourism In Israel

Israel is a small country that comprises of twelve tribes. The country is not only considered to be the most holy nation, it is also God’s favorite country. They started making history when God divide into two the Red Sea before them and made Pharaoh and his chariots perish. Forever will the Egyptians continue to reverence the God of Israel. The name of the country was actually gotten from a man – once named Jacob which later was changed to Israel by God through his Angel. They were the chosen nation of God and He did made this known to the whole nation. Is it that history? Does that gives you a convincing point to take a tour to the Holy Land? Why should you visit Israel during your long or short vacations?

Perhaps you are the type that loves travelling or touring from one country to another, you have been to so many tourist centre and now you want to visit a place that is entirely different from what you have been seeing before, especially when it comes to adventure and relaxation, taking a visit to Israel will completely “blow you off”.

As small as the country – Israel – is, it is full of astonishing collection of historical sites, religious leftovers and delightful shores. Unlike other country where tourists are limited in association to the few that understand English Language, the local people in Israel does not only understand the basis of English language but can also communicate in English. It implies that getting along with people in Israel should not be a problem, language is not a barrier for not getting associated at all. You have the opportunity to relate with as many people as possible when you take a tour to the Holy Land.

There are lots of attraction centre in Israel especially if you are touring Jerusalem – the City of God – it is exciting and delightful to walk down the street of Jerusalem. For the fact that the country is dominated by western culture, many of their bill board and sign posts are written both in English and in their native language – Hebrew. In short, the state of Israel is a place that will definitely make your holiday or vacation boom and because the country is so small in size, you can easily explore it in just a little or short time.

There are many places to visit during your vacation or holiday period in Israel, the starting point of your visitation should be in Jerusalem. It is a place where you will find sights you never dream of. Many consider this city to be the most captivating city in the world. Not only the beauty of this city will steal your attention, it is also a place with high religious importance.

Another place to make a tour of is the Dead Sea. Believe it, the Dead Sea is one of the most frequent destinations in Israel by tourists. You can decide to go for swimming and later head over to Qumran where the dead scrolls were discovered.


There are various means of traveling to Israel for tourism, it can be with a group of people, on your own or on a private tour. Air transport firms such as Superb Private Tour offers variety of services to ensure that you have a nice trip to Israel. Each service has been tailored in a way that every categories of men will be able to afford. For example, they offer Platinum VIP Services, Gold VIP Services, Silver VIP Services, and Bronze VIP Services. Each of these service has their own measure of benefit that is attached to it, the platinum VIP service is the peak of them all. Through this service, you make your arrival and departure from Israel easy by saving yourself from queuing up at the Ben – Gurion airport.

Apart from this, you won’t have to bother yourself about who would drive you around; the guide assigned to you will do the driving. When with a guide, you have the assurance that any question you asked will be answered, so you can ask questions as many as possible about the tour.

Tourist who come on their own are limited to see the usual or common places, but a private tour guide will take you to see more than the usual sites. There is no boundary on the hours you can visit some places in Israel when with a private tour guide unlike when you come in group or on your own.

Private tour to Israel are not cheap when you compare it to coming alone or with a group of people, but with the few among many of the benefits described above, the price is worth it. The prices for these services differ from each other, say the Platinum VIP service and the Gold VIP service.

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