Tourist Places and Attractions in Brighton

Located on Southern Coastal region of Great Britain, the town of Brighton is loaded with attractions, famous palaces, extensive mansions, and architecture of several ages, restaurants, shopping complexes, beautiful sea beaches, and much more. While the list of important places is endless, here are some vital tourist destinations in locality.

The Royal Pavilion

Widely recognized as palace of Prince Regent (King George IV), this magnificent piece of architecture was built during 1787-1823. Noted as one of the most distinguished edifices in British Isles, the palace is located on seaside, has beautiful gardens, large balcony alongside scenic stretches. Today the palace stands as prime place of visit in Brighton for its possession to some of the rarest collections of classy traditional furnishing, royal interiors, Mandarin figurines, flying dragons to name a few.

Brighton Beaches

Brighton beaches are among top 10 famous seaside locations worldwide highly appreciated for stretched promenade of about 8.7km, clubs culture, boats, and much more. There is also a sports complex alongside the Madeira Drive. Beachside along the Palace Pier section has acquired the Blue Flag Status for attaining environmental specifics and quality measurement standards. Visitors can witness sailing, beach volleyball, and other water sports activities.

Brighton Pier

Also known as, Palace Pier, the place is one of the most popular destinations for eating, drinking and merry making. Visit Victoria’s bar, Horatio’s bar, and Palm Court Fish Restaurant for the range of beverages, cocktail preparations and mouthwatering delicacies especially fish recipes.

Toy and Model Museum

An abode to most magnificent collection of more than 10,000 toys and models put on display from across the globe, the place is a must visit for children. Models of classic toys here dating back to 1860 are quite rare and very uncommon for the present day children. One of the finest attractions for kids here is Aladdin’s Cave that opportune visitors to experience  exoticism of Arabian Nights environment all around.

Kemp Town

The Kemp Town is a small neighboring area near Brighton with various spectacles and places of interest. An eminent spot for shopaholics, the visitors can take out some moment to explore the finest interior décors items, restaurants, pubs, bookstores, lifestyle retail goods and much more.

Palmeira Mansions

This massive terrace cottage is one of the finest representations of Victorian architecture. From interiors, construction pattern, fixtures and furnishings, the place has most exquisite possessions presenting glimpse of British Heritage. The Mansion built in 1883-84 is located towards north of Church Road.

Gwydyr Mansions

During visit to Palmeira Mansions, it is worth stopping for a visit to Gwydyr Mansions situated in nearby locality. This grand building of Flemish Renaissance elegance was constructed in 1890. Typically built as mansion flats, the mansion has an eatery and a barber’s shop.

Apart from above-mentioned places of visits in Brighton town, some other attractions include Fishing Museum, Preston Manor, Queen’s Park, Kipling Gardens etc. During the tour, visitors can keep a guidebook, maps and other provisions to ease the journey. It is preferable to plan a long holiday in Brighton as list is too long and has a lot in store for activities, relaxation, enjoyment and fun.

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