Townville for a Nature Lover

Townsville is a beautiful city situated in Australian state of Queensland. The coastal city is known for its amazing natural beauty and receives more than 300 sunny days throughout the year. The city is a perfect getaway for people who are looking to spend a holiday in the lap of nature.

Townsville is especially famous for the nearby the Magnetic islands, a major tourist destination in this part of the island nation.

The Magnetic Island is an amazing place for adventure-seeking souls, It boasts of opportunities like sailing, diving and jet-skiing. The medium-sized island also offers the visitors great dining and wine drinking options, although they can a be bit expensive.

Another place worth visiting is Billabong Natural Sanctuary. Its vast green expanse is a treat to the eyes of every nature lover. Other places that should be top on every ‘to-see list’ are the Village Boulevard, the Bluewater and the Ocean Palms Resort. The city also has a number of beaches, prominent ones being the Toomulla Beach and the Balgal beach.

If one is coming to Townsville, one should definitely visit the Riverway. It is a popular cultural hub with attractions like the art gallery, cultural centre and crowded cafes. Other places to see include Tony Ireland Stadium, Big Crystal Creek and the Bushland beach. The crystal clear lakes, Lake Ross and Lake Paluma, punctuate the city with refreshing sights.

Those interested in diving can head to the nearby Yongala Wreck, which has an interesting history and attracts a number of scuba-divers looking to explore a drowned early 20th century shipwreck. The city also is full of diverse range of restaurants, markets, hotels and resorts, all of which add to the beauty of Townsville.

If one is looking to visit Townsville in near future, it is important they they plan their stay in advance. If one wants to travel to the city outskirts, the best way is hiring a car, as it is is the most practical choice in this vast Australian city. Rent a car with Hertz in Townsville and ease your commuting troubles.

All in all, Townsville is an experience to have for every nature lover. Just plan a trip, land here and start exploring.

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