Travel Gift Guide For Valentine’s Day

Does your Valentine love to travel? If yes, then The Mileage Club has a few wonderful ideas for this year’s Valentine gifts. Here is our list of recommendations for the best traveling gift ideas for your frequent flyer lover.

These gift ideas will surely show your better half how much you love their traveling sense of adventures. Additionally, these ideas might be good enough to inspire you for your next travel together.

A Pink Or Purple Bicycle

The best gift for your princess this valentine will be a chic style pink bicycle or you can give that handsome hunk a purple cycle, which is capable to support a full-sized adult and it can also fold into half for easy carrying. Give your sweetheart this gift and set them free to explore the city in their own way.

Common Music

Love is in the air this February, so share the love. While spending hours on the flight to a romantic destination for this valentine day, you and your cutie pie can share some of the most romantic songs and favorite hits of each other, split the headphones and enjoy your flight.

Capture The Special Moments

There is something especially romantic about the whole idea of filming your romantic moments with your special one. Take a real camera with you and add a fisheye lens to it, so that every picture that you capture makes you feel like a real photographer. You can easily purchase a camera that is pink, purple or blue.

Send Affection While Missing

If you have a long-distance relationship then there is nothing more perfectthan a hand written love letter or a handmade greeting card. When you can’t even buy miles to use a free ticket and fly to your love, then you can at least make your affections fly to her with a love letter.

For The Princess Who Loves to Fly

Have you ever thought of giving you lady love a gold pendant of small airplane. If you haven’t then think now it’s the cutest gift for the lady who loves to fly, even if she is too busy with her life and doesn’t gets a chance to fly often, looking down at this pendant will surely make her smile.

For The Traveling Geek In Your Life

So your guy loves to travel, 20 days a month you don’t find him around and you only get to see him 10 days in a month. Well if you own a travel nerd then giving him a passport holder along with other important cards and cash is the best gift for him this Valentine day.

For The Man Who Is Constantly Prepared

Every man loves to stay prepared for anything that is even unknown, so if your guy is not a hiker or a camper, trust me he still wants to be prepared. Gift his survival rope bracelet a 14 feet rope bracelet will par cord those handy emergences which you may never think of can occur.

Traveling through Original Vintage Posters

We all seek that perfect souvenir to remember those great times during our travels. While the typical souvenirs and postcards do their job, they often loose their shine and are quickly forgotten as we get back to our daily routine.

For people looking for something more meaningful, unique and valuable, original vintage posters can provide a great option for a truly memorable trip memento. Vintage posters, many over a century old, are true works of art, created by some of the most celebrated artists of the day. Hanging the artwork and admiring the sites and adventures they reveal allows us to be momentarily taken to these amazing destinations, whether for the first time or once again. For an amazing selection of selection of original vintage posters, check our Rue Marcellin

Beyond being timeless and elegant works of art to enjoy and admire, original vintage posters can remind us of our of past travels, or awaken a desire to travel and to discover the world first hand. They offer us the unique chance to make an imaginary trip to another place, seeing the destination as it once was in the most beautiful light.

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