Travel on Budget to Norway? Yes it’s possible

Norway is considered as one of the most expensive countries and probably you are one of many to think that a trip to Norway on a low budget isn’t possible. I’ll give it the benefit of doubt and here is some basic things you can do to stay within budget and enjoy the magical beauty of Norway. Of course you can’t have the same budget when visiting Norway like you probably did have for Latin American countries or Asian countries, but it’s no doubt worth it and keeping things under control, planning ahead is the only right way to see Norway on budget.

  • Discounts for railway transport

Moving around the country by train is probably one of the best ways of seeing the natural wonders of Norway, the mountain with glaciers, fjords, crystal-clear lakes. It can be pricey but the Norges Statsbaner Company (the railway company) often offers discounts and promotions on tickets which can be booked online. For pensioners there is a 50% discount, and with a student’s ISIC card 25% is provided. If you are going to travel much by train, it is worth getting the InterRail and Eurail cards with unlimited journey by trains for the fixed term.

  • Get a travel card for bus travel

Norway Bus Pass gives the right for unlimited number of trips on  long-distance buses of the company. It is possible to get them for different time frames from 10 and 21 days. If you are doing a Eurotour consider Eurolines Pass that allows travel on 46 largest cities of Europe within 15, 30 or 40 days. It can be ordered on the site

  • Promotions from Norwegian airlines

If you are a student you get discounts, if you are a pensioner – you get a discount, check online for more info, book early and watch for last minute deals. It’s a pretty common sense but you need to follow that up.

  • Stay in hostels or camping sites

Not really the comfort level a 5 star hotel can offer but even stopping at one of the camping sites with tent in any part of the country, you will have a kitchen and a shower. Among a more obvious on budget staying options being

  • Buy food and prepare yourself

Buy on more affordable grocery stores like Rema 1000. In Oslo and other large cities there are markets and groceries where not only it is possible to buy fresh food, but also prepared meal which will be made directly in front of you. Snack bars with the Indian, Asian and Arabian cuisine always offer budgetary and tasty dishes.

  • Drink wine and water from the crane

Tap water in Norway is pure and safe for the use therefore it isn’t necessary to spend money on mineral water. Hard alcoholic beverages in usual supermarkets aren’t on sale, and all sales are regulated by the government, therefore even on expensive wines you shouldn’t expect high prices and you should actively benefit from it in Norway.

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