Travel Through Italy

Travel Through Italy In Comfort And Style

The concept of a guided tour is not a new one for travellers to Italy; however luxury private tours are less talked about. For years tour companies have been taking visitors to see the sights of this beautiful country and guiding them through its many attractions. Travellers gather their bags, jump on board a bus, and travel with a group of others to visit the sights. Guides provide them with some generic information about the attraction, travellers snap their photos, then its back on board to see the next sight. All in all an acceptable travel experience.

The question many travellers often ask though is ‘is this really the best way to see Italy?” Travelling by bus is ok but it is generally crowded and noisy. Many tour buses are uncomfortable, some don’t have safety belts and most are restricted to main roads due to their size. Even tour buses claiming to be ‘luxury’ have their limitations as you still find yourself stuck with a large group of other tourists and if you find a personality clash well its tough!


Fortunately, for those of us who can afford it, there is another alternative; the luxury private tour. Tours of this type differ from the traditional tour model as they chauffeur travellers using private motor vehicles – and not just any motor vehicles; the really exclusive companies will drive you in style.

Another point of difference is they are only there for you. You go where you want, when you want, without having to accommodate the needs of others. In addition to this, your chauffeur is usually an experienced and knowledgeable guide so your questions and concerns are personally addressed as you relax in air conditioned comfort. Not to mention the fact that these smaller vehicles can travel off the beaten track so you get to see more of Italy.

Some travellers to Italy, having tried a private luxury tour, now believe it is the best possible way to travel. I just loved the comfort of our car says Lorraine Whitehouse of Michigan. The one thing that always puts me off travelling is the big crowded tour buses as Im an anxious person who doesnt cope well with strangers, so the option of a privately driven car was just perfect for me.

A company that offers this type of transport on their tours is A La Carte Italy tours. Their company prides itself on providing simply the best travel experience on their luxury private tours. Guests are provided with a private, chauffeur driven luxury sedan or minivan for the duration of their visit to Italy and their driver guides personally escort guests to see the city sights and make sure all their needs are met.

It certainly seems that customers considering a guided tour of Italy, now have a viable and more exclusive alternative to the traditional bus tour; an all-inclusive private, luxury tour with their own private guide.

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