Traveling Amazon through Bolivia

If you have a dream to see the great Amazon River from close, then planning for a trip for Amazon through Ecuador and Bolivia would be the best idea. The huge benefit you can get by choosing this way to visit Amazon is that the cost is significantly less than visiting the river via Brazil or Peru.

You will definitely be excited about your trip to the land of Amazon, where the vast Amazonian rainforest and thousands of wild species will welcome you. However, you can make your trip a remarkable one if you do everything according to your plan. In this article, we will talk about how taking some right steps you can enjoy the natural beauty of Amazon.

How to Make Tour through Bolivia

If you have chosen Bolivia as your first destination, then you should target Rurrenabaque; you can reach there by taking flight or you can take a 20-hour bus journey. There is no doubt that you can save a lot of money by taking bus to reach the destination, but at the same time, you have to compromise with the comfort.

However, after reaching your destination, you should prefer to stay in Pampas, since the place is located right to the fringes of great the Amazon River. Staying in Pampas will definitely be a cost effective option for any traveler. If you are there to take a close shot of Amazonian wildlife, then you will definitely be at the right place, as you can easily witness several wildlife activities of animals such as

  • Alligators
  • Pink dolphins
  • Tortoise
  • Jungle monkeys and
  • Numerous species of birds

Venture Out into the Dense Forest

The opportunity to witness wildlife activities may be reduced if you start to venture deep into the forest, but the good thing is that you could avail the true essence of Amazon there with deep sense of tranquility. In addition, once you get deep in the jungle, you will be far away from the crowd of holidaymakers. Eco-lodges would be a good and cost-effective place to stay that would offer you a sound knowledge about natural vegetation, rare herbs with effective natural properties and various food made of animals that are available in Amazonian jungle.

The Way to Amazon is through Ecuador

The country only holds a very small part of the Amazon River and the forest makes up almost one third of the total land occupied by the country. However, after reaching its capital Quito, you have to reach Lago Agrio. If you are searching for cost-effective and standard accommodation, then Limoncocha would be the best place to stay at.

You can get bus facility to visit Huaorani Reserve and Yasuna National Park from Coca and Quito that may take almost ten hours. If you want to get the taste of bio-diversity of Amazon, then Yasuna will be a great spot to visit as UNESCO has taken an important step to protect the area from human aggression.

A Shotgun is Good to Carry for Safety

Shooting live animals is strictly prohibited in the jungle of Amazon, no matter in which part of the jungle you are venturing. However, you will be glad to know that, you can still carry a gun for your own protection, since the Amazonian jungle is filled with some aggressive species that can hurt you a lot. You can easily scare them by firing cells from your shotgun.

Author Bio- Antonio Salazar is wildlife expert who often works as guide in the Amazonian region. Apart from this, the author often writes for the, where he shares his valuable experience with readers.

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