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Use Your Vacation to Make Money

You’re working hard and really need a vacation. Even a short break for a few days basking in the sun would do the trick to rejuvenate the soul and refresh the body. But how can you do it? You can’t just stop working and go off on a bender.  You need the income—at least to make up for the cost of the vacation, duh.

Don’t despair. There are several ways you can continue to work while enjoying the perks of a holiday. The main premise is that you were working from home to begin with and that your keep your laptop close at hand.

With today’s advanced technology, there is nothing stopping you from continuing to work at your present job. After all, ‘home’ is anywhere you want it to be. So pack up your suitcase, grab your laptop and off you go.

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  • If you are already a computer maven, you can offer consulting time even from poolside. A majority of people combine business and pleasure and spend a considerable amount of time online. They are always encountering problems or are in need of some help. Word will get around quickly and at $200 an hour for professional consulting, your can rack up some quick bucks that will more than cover the cost of your sojourn on the coast.
  • While your husband is off showing businessmen how to save a document in their word file, you can be offering to watch a child or two. Choose children the same age as your own so you can kill two birds with one stone. Child watching today costs a good $100 an hour so a few hours each morning can bring in a few extra dollars that can pay for those deliciousPina coladas.
  • If you are one of those people who abhor sitting around a pool all day or constantly washing the sand off your feet, you probably prefer traveling to new and exciting places and spending most of your time hiking up and down mountain trails or visiting museums and touristy places of interest. If so, we certainly all want to hear about it and there are plenty of blog sites that will pay you for whipping up an interesting report of your adventures. Blogging has become a big business and you can offer an ongoing series of adventure stories for a group rate. Making money was never so easy.
  • In a similar vein, here’s another idea. No matter where we are, we all feel this need to take pictures and these days nothing could be simpler. Whether from a simple android phone or an expensive Nikon camera, we are always clicking away. And what do we do with all those pics? Usually nothing. So here’s the thing: crop them, angle them, add to them and then SELL them to the nearest bidder. There are plenty of sites that will refurbish your snaps, frame them and resell them to online buyers or use them for their marketing needs. Scoop around for the best sites so you can maximize your profits.
  • Back to the computer. We all know how easy it is to reap investment profits online and it certainly doesn’t matter if you are sitting at home in front of your desk or at a table in a Parisian café. The important thing is to trade at the right time. An easy trading instrument is Forex and if you have an existing account with the right Forex broker, there is nothing stopping you from continuing your trading from wherever you happen to be.

So there you have it. Making money while on holiday has never been simpler. So if that’s your goal, there is nothing stopping you from moving ahead.

Best of luck.

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